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FOOT PAIN- Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention - Find specific answers to your foot pain, ankle and lower leg problems, from a podiatrist, in easy to understand language. Ask the doctor a question about your foot problem

  • http://www.foot-pain-explained.com/foot-pain-finder.html Find your foot pain - Use this simple foot pain finder to locate the type of pain you are experiencing
  • http://www.foot-pain-explained.com/foot-pain-blog.html Foot Pain Blog - Various type of foot pain along with ankle and lower leg pain are discussed, in easy to understand language, by a podiatrist with over 30 years of clinical experience.
  • http://www.foot-pain-explained.com/ankle_pain.html ANKLE PAIN- Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention - ankle pain may be caused from multiple sources other than trauma. Learn the best way to deal with your pain.
  • http://www.foot-pain-explained.com/apophysitis.html CALCANEAL APOPHYSITIS- What is it, How does it occur, How do you treat it. - An apophysitis is inflammation of the growth plate in the heel seen in children. Learn about its occurrence and how to treat the condition
  • http://www.foot-pain-explained.com/athletes-foot.html ATHLETES FOOT- Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment , Prevention - Athletes foot is a fungus infection affecting the skin and nails. The foot is the most common site for this condition.
  • http://www.foot-pain-explained.com/blisters.html FOOT BLISTERS-Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment , Prevention - Blisters on the foot is a very common condition. Learn how to avoid them and how to treat them.
  • http://www.foot-pain-explained.com/blue_toe_syndrome.html BLUE TOE SYNDROME- Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Prevention - Blue toe syndrome is a circulatory condition affecting the foot. Learn what causes the condition and how to treat it.
  • http://www.foot-pain-explained.com/bottom-of-foot-pain.html BOTTOM OF FOOT PAIN- Causes, Treatment, Prevention - The most common causes of bottom of foot pain including ball of foot pain are identified.
  • http://www.foot-pain-explained.com/bunion.html BUNIONS- Causes, Symptoms, Treatment , Prevention - Learn about your options in treating a bunion deformity from simple measures to surgical correction.
  • http://www.foot-pain-explained.com/burns.html Burns on the foot - Learn about burns as they relate to the foot and ankle, along with proper treatment
  • http://www.foot-pain-explained.com/peripheral_circulation.html PERIPHERAL CIRCULATION PROBLEMS- Symptoms , Diagnosis, Treatment, Prevention - Learn about peripheral circulation in the foot. Sometimes as simple as one cold toe
  • http://www.foot-pain-explained.com/cold_feet.html COLD FEET- Causes, Symptoms, Treatment , Prevention - Learn about the various sources that will cause cold feet and what you can do about it.
  • http://www.foot-pain-explained.com/CRPS.html CRPS- What is it, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment - CRPS is a potentially devastating condition. Learn about the signs and symptoms and what you can do about it.

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