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  • Marly - Great shampoo for curls and volume

    I was using the NO POO for weeks when my hair started to feel "gunky"....My scalp felt coated with sebum

  • Beatle Fan - Believe the hype!

    Tried it yesterday and it does work wonders! Had the wife apply it for the first time until I get the hang of it. The results are amazing! Every part of my scalp that used to show through now looks as though there is hair there. From inches away, my wife says it looks totally natural. So good, she won't let me use it around her family because they would notice immediately that suddenly from no where, I now have a full head of hair! I slept on it last night and it did leave a light smudge on the pillow, but it was still looking good. Good enough that I didn't have to re-apply it the second day. Don't pay attention to the bozo's with the one star reviews. If you're totally bald, they explain that it won't work. It has to cling to some hair at least. As for losing or wasting their "30 dollars", Caboki will give you a full refund, plus you can get a free sample and just pay for shipping. That's what I did. Now I'm going to purchase it. I tried it "for free". How could anybody lose? Don't listen to mine or anybody else's reviews. Try the free sample and judge for yourself. Nobody knows if it looks good on your head better than you. I'm betting you'll agree with me.

  • Carolyn - Best elliptical for the price

    I did a lot of research on ellipticals, and went to a few stores to physically try a few out before deciding to purchase the Sole E55. It's best feature is the adjustable foot pads, which no other elliptical has. If you tend to be tip-toed at some points when using an elliptical, the Sole brand can be adjusted for that so you won't make your feet go numb, shift around on the steps, and less knee pain. By far the best thing about Sole is the customer support. I had read older reviews that complained about service, but they most definitely have remedied that. We assembled ours, possible if you are patient, and apparently one of the wires got pinched during assembly. A couple weeks later I was having problems with the incline adjustment, took a couple covers off to look, and found the damaged wire. One email to Sole (through their website) and my new part arrived in a couple of days. They were very nice, even though I admitted we assembled it and must have pinched the wire. Great customer service, something we need more of. I love the elliptical, it's very sturdy, works great, and has a variety of programs. It is heavy, so put it where you want to keep it. Assembly instructions are well written, almost no problems there either. Good product.

  • julie - Holiday themed, a book for anytime.

    This book is the type you pick up and love because, although it may be predictable, it draws you towards the characters and you just have to root for them. It was a fast read, and heartwarming mixed with tension. This is why we buy Debbie Macomber's books. It's what we want to read. Hol

  • Mick Pierson - $200 commercial

    Really disappointed in this laptop. It's size and weight harken back about a decade. The benefit of having a little memory over a net book is completely lost to the enourmous amount of junk predownloaded on Windows 10. It's basically like buying a commercial. It's incredibly frustrating to buy a laptop that is slower and has less storage space that your smartphone. I find it rediculous that HP and Microsoft are pushing their products relentlessly on a customer whose already bought one of their products. Maybe I don't want TripAdvisor, Xbox, NetFlix, Candy Crush, etc, etc, etc... It's now my computer, let me decide what I want to do with it. HP's Assistant is beyond annoying and McAfee Security is using up every last drop of space. I'm returning the item as I find no use for it over what I can do on my smart phone or tablet. And I am over this age of a company needing to know my entire life. No you can't have my locatiob, you can't acess my email, you can't have my friend list... I am beyond done with the modern day internet. I feel like social media was just a dupe to get people comfortable with sharing every last thing in life. I want my privacy back and I don't want to be harassed or marketed to every seconds of every day. Mind ur business!

  • Jane Salley - Fiber glass shower stall sparkles!

    My fiber glass shower stall was stained and dingy. I tried all the popular bathroom cleaners on the market, and while they made the shower clean, it was still dingy. The Zap removed the stains and made it look new again. I'm very happy with it.