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Information for Patients | Fareston (toremifene citrate) 60 mg Tablets - Information for patients about Fareston (toremifene), another option for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer in postmenopausal women with estrogen-receptor positive or unknown tumors.

  • http://www.fareston.com/about/treatment.html Fareston May Provide the Continued Benefits of Endocrine Therapy | Fareston (toremifene citrate) 60 mg Tablets - Learn how Fareston may provide the continued benefits of endocrine treatment if your other endocrine treatments have been challenging.

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  • The Rowdy One - This was a great investment

    I can't recommend highly enough the generator that we bought last year. It had sat unopened in its box until 4:00AM on Saturday. It is very simple to use for the first time and appears to have good quality components and construction (all the bolts are tightened in silicone or some other rubber so as not to vibrate loose. It started on the first pull and ran without stuttering while powering our refrigerator and 10k BTU portable air conditioner plus laptops and charging portable devices through the time that our power was out in northern Virginia over the weekend. After our power came back on we loaned it to some friends whose power was out for another 12 hours. It has about 36 hours of total run time on it and the crankcase is still full and the oil has not blackened (which indicates to me lots of gas passing into the crankcase or lots of frictional wear in a very short time). It ran and honest 8+ hours on a four gallon tank of fuel.

  • Leslie Z - I like this product overall

    I like this product overall, but I think for me it tended to make things flush out of me a little more than I would prefer. In talking to my OB-GYN, she informed me that many times when you introduce too many healthy bacteria, then your body is in a very active phase of flushing things out, so it can produce more clear discharge.

  • Dominic J. Monopoli - Better than the Maclaren

    I love this stroller. My husband has a Maclaren Triumph and I always felt my 11 month old looked uncomfortable in it. If I could have given the Uppababy 4.5 stars I would have due to the fact that there is no viewing window in the canopy. Other than that this stroller is perfect. It stands on it's own, it is light, the foot rest adjusts, the back adjusts, the material is high quality and easy to wipe down...I could go on and on. The Uppababy is a far better choice than the Maclaren in my opinion.

  • charles oconnor - great fit

    Does just what you want floor mats to do..........holds the depoits in place till you want to shake out the mat...........