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Florida Alpaca Llama Association, Inc. - We began in July 2004 due to the growing desire and need for education of the llamas and alpacas.  Our Corporate purpose is to educate members and the public as to the breeding, raising, caring for and exhibition or showing of llamas and alpacas and to promote and advance the interests of the lama community as a whole.

Country:, North America, US

City: -111.8906 Arizona, United States

  • SierraLover - Incredible PC monitor if you have HDMI 2.0 and don't mind complex setup

    I got this two days ago from Best Buy, and have finally finished tweaking it and troubleshooting issues to end up with the most incredible monitor I have ever seen, let alone bought for a mere $550. I have looked into $750 curved ultra-wides and the $900 Phillips 43" monitor, but I can't imagine anything better than what I'm looking at now. But man, it was a pain to get here. Learn from my pain:

  • Neutralist - tax forms not yet updated

    Installation was a breeze on Windows 7. However, when I started working on the return, following is the message I received during interview forms.

  • K. Hanson - Very happy with my purchase

    I purchased the Sole E35 after much research and testing of ellipticals. I have had it now since January 2009 and am very happy with it. It has enough resistance and lift to get a good workout, in fact I am still at about half the levels right now. I use it about 3 to 4 days a week. It did take some time to get it together, maybe and hour and a half, but I did put it together by myself (I'm a 24 year old female). The motion is very fluid and the unit itself is very sturdy. The fan is pretty worthless... but I use a larger one anyway. Overall I purchased due to the positive reviews, the price point and the warranty. The Sole E35 has a 2 year warranty, vs many others who only have 1 year or even 6 months. Very happy with the purchase, no problems thus far and would purchase again.

  • Natalie - Most practical resource ever

    This is the most practical guide I have ever picked up. It provides concise tips for managers and HR professionals from interviewing to preparing for and conducting performance appraisals. The guidance and advice is easy to follow! Thank you for making it simple!

  • Mark Twain - It's like crack. Don't buy it

    It's like crack. Don't buy it. You'll wonder why you never had one & have to get one for all your computers. 12" x 10" was good for travel size. Coworker uses the mini - which also works. Computer desks at factories, distribution centers, etc. never have good mouse tracking.

  • Chuck - Installed in a 2009 Mac Pro. Like having a new computer!

    I installed this in my 2009 Mac Pro tower. Holy crap– what a difference! Normally, when booting the computer from completely off, it would take it a couple of minutes to get to the desktop screen, and then several more minutes before it ran 'normal'... after all the Adobe and font programs finished whatever they were doing in the background.