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  • Maggie - Loves it!!!

    My 12 yo daughter is very excited to "play" this game. She's so excited, often goes on and on for hours. Very happy with the product and delivery. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn. Very rewarding when you move to the next level.

  • Terry Weiss - A scam - avoid this product!

    This turned out to be s scam. We installed it, as directed and a few weeks later the icon disappeared from the desktop. An email came shortly after telling us we would have to pay a fee every month in order to use this product. Since we paid $123 for it, that was clearly wrong. We searched the computer but couldn't find the program ourselves. My husband phoned the number given on the material enclosed with the program card (we had the card sent, not a download) that was supposed to help us re-install the program. He got a man, obviously in India, who went into the computer and told him that someone in South Carolina had gotten the number of the software, and had made 253 attempts to hack into our computer. We needed to pay $199 a month, or a one time $400, for Mcafie virus protection or it would be unsafe to reinstall. He also said that the "anti-virus software" that was came with the computer was version 8, and wouldn't work with Microsoft 10. At this point I took the phone and asked him if he meant that, unless we paid $199 he wouldn't reinstall the software. He asked to speak to my husband. I asked him again. He didn't answer. I asked him a third time, and he hung up.

  • Amazon Customer - Great for keeping track manually of your funds

    I love that i can get three registers for such a great price. They helps me keep track of my banking without using some kind of ledger. Thank you!!

  • Vero - Interesting read. Lots of action

    This is Book 2 in the "An Unlikely Hero" Series. This book picks up exactly where the first one finished. Harper has left Lucas when she realized that they want different things, he will never want the family she craves. Then everything happens. There are deaths, kidnapping, betrayals and all kind of bad things happening. Now he needs to protect her because she is in the middle of his investigation. The attraction is stronger than ever. But things won't be easy for them.

  • David A. Bielby - Tech Support & Product Both Have Serious Problems

    I was pretty excited about this product. However, after installing it and testing it, I cannot recommend the product. Warning: If you play online games with your computer, and you set this product to allow games, it seems to randomly cut off internet access to games even so. To remove the product, there are no instructions. You must contact technical support and spend about 20 minutes wading through the tedious effort to find out what steps are necessary to remove this software (and still retain use of your license). Once the software instructions are in hand, it's pretty easy. If McAfee can resolve the problems I see in this review, this might be a very good product. Until then, it remains a 1 star in my mind.