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  • Ljudah - At the stove or at the dining table....

    This salt, pepper, or spice grinder is built to be operated by a single hand. There is no need to manually grind with both hands or have to replace batteries every month. Just add the spices you need while cooking or stirring the pot on the cooktop. This versatile grinder can be used in the kitchen or on the dining table whichever you prefer. This will add elegance to any dining experience you should desire to create.

  • melvin crooks - Nice but not nice

    I like the look of the watch but the touch screen doesn't seem to work on the left side of the watch. It's very hard to find a place on the left side that doesn't active the right side of the watch. Also the SIM card and SD card slots are inside the watch under the battery

  • Laura - works great

    I use these to prevent UTIs, which can strike ANYONE regardless of gender and sexual activity. It's part of maintaining sexual and bodily health.

  • Karin L. Warren - This is good stuff. It works just like it says

    This is good stuff. It works just like it says. Amazon has it for a great price. I've purchased it twice. I think it would work on all types of hair wet and dry. I use it both ways. Great product!