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  • K. Kind - This stuff just works

    Do not waste your money on cheaper alternatives. If you have a problem with urine stains (or vomit or feces) just give the area a soaking with Nature's Miracle and wipe off 15 minutes later. The stain and odor will be gone. This product has come through when everything else has failed.

  • Terri - Best and only solution for post-nasal drip

    Several years ago, a particularly bad flu left me with never-ending post-nasal drip, and thus a bad cough from all the irritating mucus. None of the usual anti-decongestants worked anymore, and it got so bad I couldn't help coughing every few minutes, unable to sleep and basicaly becoming incapacitated.

  • S. Morgan - Not Worth the Upgrade

    Quite frankly, I didn't want to upgrade to 2013, but the price of 2010 was far too high these days. I don't like the 'updates' made to the user interface for 2013 and the severely limited color scheme options. I don't like that I only had the option for 1PC/1User unless I chose the 365 version that binds me to a yearly subscription. I miss Office 2010.

  • Anna - Poorly made, not for sensitive skin

    The tip of the applicator fell off after only 2-3 uses. I was able to shove the tip back in (although I'm sure it will fall out again,) but unfortunately this irritates my skin and leaves blotchy red marks under and around my eyebrows.