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ΕΠΑΓΓΕΛΜΑΤΙΚΗ ΕΝΩΣΗ ΕΛΛΗΝΩΝ ΔΕΡΜΑΤΟΛΟΓΩΝ - ΑΦΡΟΔΙΣΙΟΛΟΓΩΝ - Επαγγελματική Ένωση Ελλήνων Δερματολόγων/Αφροδισιολόγων

Country:, Europe, GR

City: 23.7167 , Greece

  • Esther - Love it!

    I have naturally curly hair and its hard to put anything in my hair once i straighten it that is a "wet" product because usually it will cause it to immediately curl back up. Not only does this stuff smell amazing, but I can use this cream in my Straightened blow dried hair and it doesn't curl it back up and it gives it a nice shine. Obviously, i only use between a dime and quarter size every time and my hair is down to the middle of my back but I honestly don't need much more as the product works really well for me. Thanks to how little i need to use, this bottle lasts me quite awhile so i don't mind paying for it when i need it.

  • I like what I like gal - This stuff rocks

    I used to order very expensive lotion from an organic company for years. I tried this stuff at the recommendation of a friend, and man.....what a difference! This is great. It smells nice, it's reasonable priced, and it more than does the job. It's even healed my falling apart lips. Go for it.

  • Amanda - Great Datebook, Small Room to Write!

    This is a perfect little datebook. It's split up so that each open section is a whole week; starting with Monday and ending with Sunday. Saturday and Sunday tend to be on the right side with the other days of the week on the left. Each day contains a ton of information. It has full info on that day/night's moon cycle, when the signs enter, the color of the day, if today's a day for harvest or planting, etc. Some days have snippets of tips or ongoings of the day. On the right page there is either a piece of artwork, spell, recipe, or informational blurb (usually about that month's full moon).

  • R. Morits - Text Book

    Very indepth text book. Good value for the money when compared to other text books I've had to purchase

  • Rvcmajors - Top Notch Product!!!!

    Everything about the purchase went great. The transaction went very smoothly, the package arrived on time and with no damage. The sellers were awesome and were very accommodating to any questions I may have had about the solar light sets. So now I will let you know how great these lights are. The solar lights very super easy to assemble and the spiked bottom helped them go into the ground with very little effort. They charged quickly and were much brighter than expected. I bought ordered these solar pathway lights because my son was having a Halloween party and they made a great addition to lighting the way to my front door. I would recommend these lights to anyone who needs some additional outdoor lighting for a reasonable price.

  • Kevin Veldkamp - The Bathroom Symphony was music to my ears

    I rated these 5 stars, but it could have easily been no stars depending on how you look at it. I was one of the lucky few that had seen the reviews on these gummy bears before, so naturally I bought these gummi delights forged from the fires of hell itself.

  • America-is-Great - Blue Devil worked for me

    I had a serious head gasket leak... coolant leaking into the oil. I had recently replaced the radiator which may have increased my odds of this working. To my suprise after 50 minutes running I no longer had condensation coming out the tailpippe. I drove the 98 Chevy Blazer 4.3 over 2 hours the day of installation and the temp never exceeded 150.