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  • Connie - Beautiful but too big

    These sunglasses are beautiful but definitely too large for smaller ladies. I cannot wear them for long since they slide around too much. I have not been able to get them adjusted to fit properly. Be sure to study the measurements before ordering.

  • nowyat - A distressed antique version....

    I just like Ouija boards, so I bought these two new versions, this one and the glow-in-the-dark one to celebrate Halloween. The size is much smaller than the classic original. The board is attractive but the planchet is sort of a cheasy plastic lump that doesn't glide easily over the board. I like the glow in the dark version much better, as it follows the classic lines and material, (although it is almost too tiny to use). The battery glow thing in this 'antiqued' one is a matter of taste. It's sort of cute but if the Ouija board goes electronic it might just as well become an app. It's like they don't understand the purity of simplicity and quality. It's silly because it would cost them a smidgeon per board to make them twelve inches wider... I am lucky enough to have one of the original large ones and it just seems so much more elegant. You can, of course, make a Ouiji board for free on your kitchen table with some post-it notes set into a circle and an upside down water glass... (Haunted post-it notes...)

  • Alexander - Great

    Everything was fine. All issues are only related to post service. Product was well packed, a bit scratched box, but everything inside is fine

  • Stefan - Not very good

    I don't know if I got the defective one or the product is just like this but I returned this product because it gave out little amp to charge my phone and I know it has 2 different amp mode but even then you would be lucky to get the higher amp mode. Also the higher amp mode is not enough to charge your phone while you watch Netflix.

  • H S Patton - Too much shove it in your face advertizing.

    The only issue is that the "special offer" ads are an annoyance beyond anything previous.Too much and too many makes me hate to have to use it at times because it is so hard to get past all the shoving down the throat horse hockey.