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  • King from Queens, NY - Everyone misses the point

    I used this after having a hair transplant hoping to "keep my new hairs/keep what I have" and only after 3 years, a significant portion of my transplanted hairs fell out plus my original hair. Why? What the transplant surgeon didn't tell me and none of the reviews of LaserComb mention are the nutritional needs your body requires to maintain and grow hair. Are you low in iron? Hair won't re-grow if you are. My one meal-a-day plus snacks wasn't meeting my body's dietary needs. I have to take a liquid iron supplement and eat iron fortified cereal everyday to rebuild my reserves. I take Super Saw Palmetto vitamin to block DHT from making my hair fall out (by the way, the hairs that were transplanted from the back of my head to the front were supposed to be "immune" from the effects of DHT but still fell out). I take a vitamin daily of each of the following: Mega Green Tea Extract, Grapeseed Extract, and Taurine to nourish/effect the follicles on the cellular level. From the vitamin supplements alone, I've noticed a decrease in hair loss and hairs are thicker.

  • daffy - It is really good.

    In my other house I lived in nobody told me to put anything in my toilets when my septic tank bank up an it cost me $700.00 the man that cleaned it out told me to start using this an I have been using this every since. He told me to put it in my toliets every month to be on the safe side. This box is large and I have 3 1/2 bathrooms and it last 3 or 4 months. It is really good.

  • Amanda - This WILL prevent stretch marks.

    When I got pregnant I gained 70 pounds (I know...) Long story short, I put this on my belly religiously everyday as soon as I started to show (around 10-12 weeks). I used it the entire pregnancy and I never got one single stretch mark on my stomach (and it was huge). I know it was the cream because I got stretch marks everywhere else that I didn't use the cream (breasts, thighs, hips, buttocks, etc.). Stupidly, I only thought of the belly as an area to worry about. (I guess if you don't gain 70 pounds it's no big deal!) Anyway, my skin on my stomach is completely flawless but everywhere else is a nightmare! Do yourself a favor and put this on everyday. Also, learn from my mistake and put it on all the areas that will grow!

  • Earl M. - Fun? Yes but it won't replace lessons

    Fun? Yes but it won't replace lessons. It helps you learn songs and that's nice but you need to learn some real music theory an this doesn't do that, but it wasn't meant too. So Enjoy it for what it is (Guitar Hero with a real guitar) better than flipping that stupid plastic switch in Guitar Hero.

  • Dasiadoo - A staple for me. Definite skin improvement

    I have been using ROC for years, at first on and off but now more consistently. I usually purchase several tubes at time when they are on sale. I use it on my entire face, neck (back and front) and chest area. Years ago, when I first started using it, I had some sensitivity but now no negative reactions at all.