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Elizabeth Street Medical Centre Pty Ltd - Elizabeth Street Medical Centre is a general pratice with over 35 years of providing holistic patient-centred care for all ages.

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  • P. Lawson - Get off the couch! This program works!

    Listen up you 'on the fence ' wannabe fitness people! If you are like me, tired of living with 'Dunlap Disease' where your belly done lap over your belt, this will help. You have to make the decision to use it, but it will work! I am a 42 year old former Marine whose glory days are long past. This program is helping me get back in shape. It can help you too!

  • Amazon Customer - I do like the sound and the range is about 20 feet

    I thought it was for both ears but I guess it just is for one ear. I do like the sound and the range is about 20 feet.

  • MsNick - Worked for my military PT test!

    I was concerned about my waist measurement for my upcoming PT test. I got lots of advice once I voiced concern. One being use Preparation H...so I did for my practice test. My waist was measured at 35...but all other components were less than I knew I could score! I barely passed the practice test.

  • Natalie - Love the results a must try!

    I am definitely a gym junkie and very picky with both my diet and supplements I take. I've tried a lot of different products all of which had harmful/bad ingredients and didn't necessarily show me the results I wanted. Right from the start, Natureburn had me feeling a lot more energized and motivated which has shown me results a lot faster then expected. I'm happy mostly because of the quality of ingredients and the nutrients that supports my diet and fitness goals 💪🏼 For those of you who eat healthy and natural foods, this supplement is an extra boost of nutrients you don't wanna to miss.

  • Shuhao Yu - It did slow down my valve cover gasket leak. ...

    It did slow down my valve cover gasket leak. However it can also lock you oil filter, oil spilled around oil filter housing. Have to do oil change.

  • S. Chrans - No more wet hands

    This cookie can cooler is great sometimes I take a can of pop to work and cant get it all drank before break is over. So it would be warm by the time break came again.now that i have the can cooler it stays cold till it's all drank.the double wall vacumn insulation keeps cold in and hot air out.the can cooler is made from. Stainless steel.it doesn't sweat so you dont get wet hands.the rubberized lid keeps your drink in place. Holds any 12 oz can or bottle.these can coolers are great for anytime your outside and you need to keep your drink cold for a few hours.i am very happy with how well this keeps my drinks cold. I have received this product for a discounted price for my honest review all opinions expressed are my own personal opinions

  • Danii - Migraine cure??

    I stumbled upon this as a suggested item on Amazon as I was looking for organic face wash. Everything happens for a reason because I think I've finally found a cure for my debilitating migraines. I've suffered from migraines for 12 years. I've tried everything I've never been able to find a trigger except a change in the barometric pressure or stress. I've also never been able to find a treatment to prevent the migraines from occurring. I get a migraine as frequently as every 5 days. I'm a current nursing student and I just can't take the time to battle a migraine. The only thing that gets rid of them is immitrex which is very costly and I'm currently uninsured. take depakote two times a day and have found no improvement. I've seen a neurologist, had MRI s CT scans, blood work, my thyroid, and blood sugar checked.... everything comes back normal. I've kept food and activity diaries. My doctor has laterally come to a dead end in medications to try. I've only been using this for a little over two weeks but I've been. Migraine free. I take two capsules in the morning and one in the evening. I have felt a few start to form but I take an alieve and its gone. This is seriously a record for me. Usually I'm down for days when I het a migraine in constant debilitating pain with dizziness and nausea. I hope to stop taking the depakote and continue being migraine free with the black seed oil!