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  • cloudyura - is a great tool for quick review

    I've receive this product from the seller for free to review, and here is my honest experience with the Test Prep Book.

  • Karen Johnston - BUYER BEWARE!

    Ran this program on my computer for two years, then following an "upgrade" my computer crashed and burned. PC tools stopped working, could not be unistalled, and customer support was non existent. There was no way to cancel the annual subscription, with links failing to work and contact details almost impossible to find. Am currently in the process of trying to get my bank to cancel payments (also an arduous task)and have been charged at least $60 for a product I no longer use. Google PC tools complaints and you will see I am not alone!

  • KS800 - Great for Schnauzers

    This shampoo was recommended by my veterinarian and has worked wonders on the skin conditions that my schnauzers have endured.

  • Y. Chan - Lightweight, great folding system, and with a Britax car seat as a bassinet, perfect right from birth!

    I've been using this stroller for a while now - I wanted to give it some time before doing a full review. I have to say that I really like it and I feel it compares very favourably to more expensive/high-end strollers. In my view, the B-Agile hits the sweet spot between affordability and effectiveness, especially because you can use it right after the baby is born (see point 4)! Major advantages:

  • Joel C. Campbell - It was good money, but all of the diseases I contracted ...

    I used to be a male prostitute, making on average ~$53 a week. It was good money, but all of the diseases I contracted through my career were starting to get me down. I knew I needed a change.

  • Mary Gulczynski - I'm a computer Guru and just saw this terrible "commercial" on tv

    I'm a computer Guru and just saw this terrible "commercial" on tv. "PC Matic is American Made, trust it".... Huh? Did they just go off the basis that Kaspersky ends in sky and Russian last names tend to end the same way, and just went with it??? I've been on computers since I was 6 years old, when the screens were black and green and there were no hard drives, I even remember when NORTON was GOOD, back in 1995. Kaspersky is THE Best AntiVirus around, period. There is nothing that comes close. I've seen enough scam PC "Virus Scan" commercials to see you're gonna get nothing but false positives and additional bs on your computer from this. Kaspersky.com, just look at the site, and go, "Oh yeah, this is what a real A/V's website looks like". I don't write reviews this crappy commercial just compelled me to, enjoy one of the few written by someone who knows what they're talking about, and save yourself the energy. Kaspersky gives you free 30 days too xD.