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  • Amazon Customer - If by chance I don't feel like making a smoothie I can easily add it to ...

    I've always had a hard time swallowing pills even small ones. After some research I discovered premama. Since I'm trying to conceive I'm currently using the fertility and Premama Essentials + DHA which I add to my smoothie every morning. If by chance I don't feel like making a smoothie I can easily add it to juice and be on my way. Been using it for 2 months so far I love it!!!

  • ByronW - Great value, good fit and function

    Absolutely an excellent case\cover for the tablet. It fits perfectly, and feels great on the Fire 7 ". The tablet was just too big to hold comfortably in one hand, this case, with the cover flipped over helps with that, and gives it good protection from bumps and scratches too. Definitely a good bargain, I would buy it again., it looks and fits far better than I thought it would at this price.

  • Nicole - Good stuff

    I am not usually into natural remedies, but this stuff works. I don't love the smell (fennel smells like black licorice) but my 2 month old son loves the taste and it helps his tummy feel better from the gas.

  • diane - Beware of long term use

    When I first started using Nerium I was happy with the results. While I didn't see a significant change in wrinkles I did like the new texture of my skin. It also faded some scarring. After 4 months I began having pretty severe bags under my eyes along with some swelling around my eyes. It didn't last but would come and go every week or so. I also developed a slight rash around my eyes. I went to see my dermatologist who prescribed an anti-inflammatory cream for the rash. This took care of the rash and the bags under my eyes decreased. I was told to only use the cream for two weeks. After two weeks, the bags were back. They did however go down after a couple of days. I was stumped. I didn't think it was the Nerium because I had used it for so long with no problems. After two months of on and off eye swelling I developed a rash at the corners of my mouth and back on the eyes. No significant bags under my eyes but still not normal. My face just hurt. I decided to read reviews of Nerium and realized that was the problem! So upset that I didn't read these sooner. I don't consider myself as having sensitive skin but I do feel that over time this product can create issues. I only hope that my face will return to pre-Nerium state.

  • Austin Duerfeldt - I like webroot

    Webroot does a good job with antivirus. The best thing about the software is that it is fast and non evasive. It scans everything in about a minute, and does not slow down your other computer operations like Norton did when I used it. Comes with three installs. I think it is a good deal, but that is just my opinion.

  • JEANIE - I still loved it! It's Lucy and Desi

    I've read lots of Lucy/Desi books, and while this book contained a lot of info I already knew (and lots I did not!!), I still loved it! It's Lucy and Desi! What's there NOT to love? A great read---one I will most definitely read again!

  • Jennifer Long - Love this stuff!

    I have greasy roots with dry split ends...and this stuff really balances it all out. I have no split ends developing when normally I would by now (its been 6 months since my last trim and I dont even need one yet). I cheat and use a applicator bottle to get it to the scalp or my hair will look greasy. If I dont wash it completely out then it will look greasy. So the trick is to get it to the roots and rinse rinse rinse. My hair is normally limp and dull and now its boucey but not "puffy". I tell eveyone about it.