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  • Gordon A.McNeill - BUYER BEWARE Quicken Premier 2014

    Finally decided to upgrade from Quicken Premier 2011, but failed to read the reviews (that will never happen again). I've been a Quicken User since mid 1970's and never had a complaint with the product, as a matter of fact I've highly recommended it to others many times. However, with this upgrade all I can say is BEWARE BUYER. I purchased Quicken Premier 2014 as a download from Amazon.com and after backing up my 2011 version, thank God I did that, I installed QP 2014. It uninstalled QP 2011, converted my files and opened QP 2014. My data file is fairly large, because I track my investments and have been since late 1970's, but conversion went well and it, the program, proceeded to download some program updates. After everything was done I entered my first transaction, hit enter and OOPS!! Sorry Quicken has encountered a problem and must close, sorry for the inconvenience (Nice touch). Tried restarting program, which as a side has an annoying blue/gray flashing screen as it starts, and is extremely slow at opening (almost one minute on my system), entered a transaction, hit enter "Sorry, Quicken has encountered a problem and must close", rebooted system tried again same thing; rebooted entering safe mode, same thing; disabled all start up programs & services tried again, same thing. I even sent Quicken, per request of FAQ similar to mine, Windows Error, Crash & Dump reports, not a word back from them by the way. After a week of uninstalling, reinstalling and everything else I could think of, I called Quicken; they were very polite in letting me know that they know of the problem, and are working on a solution, and hope to have it resolved soon, hopefully in my life time. (Why not pull the program from distribution until the KNOWN PROBLEM is Resolved?) They gave me a link to a work around solution, it didn't work by the way, and said they would contact me with a solution as soon as it was available, it's been about 1-1/2 months and I have heard NOTHING from them . I called and referenced the ticket number they gave me and again was reassured they were working on the problem and would soon have it resolved and again referred me to the same work around link that didn't work the first time. When I asked for a refund they said, since I purchased it as a download from Amazon.com, and not from them they couldn't do that; and Amazons' policy is not to refund purchase price on downloaded programs, which is understandable. I guess that's a $70.00 mistake that will never happen again.

  • Doug M - Doesn't flow great

    I love the real time coaching and feedback. However, I was really hoping for the ability to link my suggested workouts together and be able to combine them to create a good workout routine that lasts an 45 minutes which includes time for stretching. Also, I think the stretching is under emphasized her with only having yoga as the stretching option. This is just not good enough stretches for the workout you could be doing. The time between navigating from one exercise to another takes way too long. I am cooled down before I can move between two 10 minute exercises.