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  • L. Williams - Great little device.

    I won't go into a lot of detail because it's been well covered... It works great... Only issues are the VERY short cable it comes with to power it... My tv is wall mounted and using an generic usb cable was a no go so I had to basically use an extension cord... Also the blutooth keyboard/mouse I'm using doesn't work as well as expected but I'm not sure if it's the device or the keyboard... I'm only using it for media like music and movies and I'm not steaming everything is on an micro sd card... I love this little thing glad I picked it up.

  • Liz Hart - Perfect for my bald spot due to medication. Just a few shakes, lasts for days.

    I spent a lot of time looking for the best product out there, looked up youtube videos and everything. After weighing in, I think this product is great. I would say don't go lighter or darker or wonder what the color is gong to come out as it comes out exactly as it says.

  • Vincent Mantia - Tightens up those beard lines! NO MORE BARBER!

    Having shaving my head myself, I go to the barber to tighten up my beard. NOT ANY MORE! MUAHAHAHA. Just joshing around. Seriously, I can use the GLP tool to shape up my beard as high or as low as I want. It is durable plastic, however, if you use a straight edge razor like I do, you may cut into it. Using a out-liner shouldn't be an issue unless its teeth grab the plastic. Then I am not sure how long it will last up. I used this tool twice now and have zero issues received compliments on my well lined up beard. Friends have asked me if I go to the barber every time I shave now. NOT the case! Glad I can save a few bucks and looks just as good. I can recommend this product honestly to my friends. There is another tool out there which competes against this one, the only difference would be you can flip it around to get a better edge design. With that said, 4 stars it is!

  • SeraphimBooks - Don't buy this software

    Purchased the antivirus for two computers. Worst decision I have made regarding software. Completely destroyed one PC and brought the blue screen on windows 8. Wasn't able to log in and had to reformat to initial settings. Second PC had no internet connection even after I uninstalled the software. Played with internet settings for over 2 hrs until I restored.

  • AustenD. - Full of great, helpful information

    Full of great, helpful information, including history of investing, advice from master investors, and specific strategies. Written in a delightful and very fun style. Wonderful introduction to the subject. The only thing I wish it included was a glossary of terms to remind myself what certain technical words mean. A delight to read, and learned very much!

  • Paul L. - Great for Burt's Bees lovers...

    Our daughter has slight eczema and we decided to try this product as a friend recommended it and bought it as a gift for the baby shower. After using it I loved the smell it left after she finished her bath. Her hair smelled great till the next day and did not cause any eczema problems. Would definitely recommend to others especially if they like other Burt's bees products!! If you are not a fan of their products then would not recommend.