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DriveTime Radio Home Page - Drivetime Radio is one of Australia’s most established audio communication companies, specialising in the production & distribution of educational CD programmes to Australian Health Professionals. Target audience - General Medical Practitioners & Retail Pharmacists

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  • Sf87 - Great!

    We used this a lot as we love to go running and go on walks! This was easy to click into the stroller and our carseat clicked right in. The only complaint I have is our stroller wouldn't fold up with it in so we would have to remove it to collapse the stroller. It's also a tad bit pricey, as is most of the BOB products. I would still recommend! Much easier than taking your child out of the carseat to put into the stroller. Thanks BOB!

  • Amazon Customer - I have a bad ground squirrel problem

    I have a bad ground squirrel problem, I have had three different kinds of traps set in my garden and not one of them has worked. So this morning I set a Squirrelinator in my garden and baited it with cracked corn. So far today four squirrels in trap, it was in the sun so squirrls died on their own. I hope it works with rats as well, will find out in a day or two when I re-bait it with peanut butter.

  • Chrissy - Excellent value

    This is one of the nicest vacuum cleaners I have ever owned. It is light weight, easy to use and clean, and the suction is great. I really love the way the head pivots to get in even the trickiest spots and best of all cleans right to the edge. It was very easy to assemble and the various attachments are easy to switch around and work with. Lifting it off the base to carry around is also a very uncomplicated process.

  • John Ho - Gave it an honest try, shame though

    A friend of mine uses Nioxin and he has had not trouble with it, and stated it's been stellar for him, so I'll start off by saying you just have to find the right shampoo that works for you. Onto my review: The shampoo really matted up my hair, and caused increase shedding for me. It knotted up my hair during the shampoo process and would make me rip some hair out in the process. Additionally, it made my scalp really dry and dandruff proned, but from what I see in other products this can be common. After 2 months of trying it, I haven't seen any change in thickness of my hair, and there's been an increase in shedding. Nioxin did not work for me.

  • parenthia - purchased for a church member

    I am African American and have been a fan for quite a while. I use black for my thin edges. I recommended it to a church member who has some thinning issues. She reported that she loves it as well. I also use the spray applicator and holding spray which works well. However, I can just shake the powder on and go without the accessories and it stays all day. Non one can tell a thing.

  • Surreptrixious - Wonderful first book

    This book is great to help teach words and simple concepts to children. Board books are great, because babies and toddlers aren't exactly gentle with paper pages, and these pages are easily wiped down if something gets spilled on them. Sometimes I point the pictures out to my son and read the captions, sometimes I read the ones he points out to me. We both enjoy going through the book together.

  • Bad in Bahston - Results far from Marketing literature

    Doesn't seem to work in a single application as advertised. I have used on my home and my neighbors. Both times, a single application per specification did not clear the roofs. On mine, there are still spots with algae growing even after 2 applications. On my neighbors home which suffers from black streaks, I applied a VERY heavy coat last fall and after 4 months the stains were still there. They were actually worse for the first 2. I called the company and they told me sometimes it takes longer....well, it's almost a year later and the streaks are still on their roof.