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  • D. Borland - A Short Time To Stay Here -- believable, truthful, from the soul

    One of the best books I've read in quite some time. A great read for all ages, interests--if you enjoy books seeped in history, books with vibrant characters whose voices "speak" and immerse you in a specific time and place--this book is for you. The pick of the summer's great literary crop! Particularly enjoyed the ties to Thomas Wolfe--both literal and figurative--a nice added touch for those of us scouting for Easter eggs. The scene with the bear killer leaving home for the war...a natural woodsman uprooted--the scene where the preacher feels it's OK to kill in such a painful, devastating way and how his wife explains it all away--the scene where he walks the long halls and corridors both of his mind and of the inn, remembering...just awesome and wonderful to read. The characters are solid. The voices are strong. Even a quick sidebar character of a little girl on the sidewalk talking to the main character--she is made real, utterly believable. This book is a delight. You will even learn some history as the plot weaves and works it all together. I thought I knew quite a bit about the Germans held in the mountains, but there is always more to learn. Nice piece when two Germans escape and how they are found. Yes, the mountains can be cruel, and dark, and folks do disappear without a trace. And don't forget the adventuresome lady photographer out on her own quest in the mountains... much to enjoy in this book. Highly recommend it. 

  • Rashida Jones - BUYER BEWARE!!!! SAVE YOUR MONEY

    DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!! The positive reviews are likely imposters. This supplement causes severe abdominal discomfort & cramping! I was awakened out of my sleep from the pain, and it lasted for several days. Eventually went to the hospital. Initially had no idea what it was coming from until it was realized Probioslim was the only new element introduced to my body. I stopped taking it, and the pain went away. I poured the remaining capsules into the garbage!

  • Kindle Customer - Don't Spill Anything On It!!!

    This mouse pad is extremely comfortable. As a person with carpal tunnel, I can be on the computer for hours without feeling it in my wrists like I used to. Just don't spill anything on it! One of the fish tanks on my desk leaked and spilled onto the mouse pad, and it soaked up all the water! It took days to dry out, and now it smells disgusting! Make sure you store it out of the way if you're clumsy. Despite this setback, I will be ordering a new one, so it's a great product.

  • deejo - great tasting gummies i've been taking these for a week ...

    great tasting gummies i've been taking these for a week now so there wont be any hair growth so within a month or two i'll update this review i did receive this product at an discounted rate for my honest and unbiased review

  • dhdjms - Pretty interesting!!!!

    A good read. A couple chapters were a bit technical for me and I have a masters degree!!!! But then again it is science writing. ;). Great way to keep up with current concepts and much more entertaining than a text book!!!!

  • J. Larson - this book is REQUIRED READING

    The 2014 CHILDREN'S WRITER'S & ILLUSTRATOR'S MARKET is like a universe where you'll find everything needed to publish any type of children's book. Once again, editor Chuck Sambuchino has put together an effective balance of "how to" articles by experts in the field, along with updated and exhaustive listings of all the best places to send your manuscript, including book and magazine publishers, agents and art representatives, even clubs, conferences, and contests. I used the 2013 edition, referring to it almost daily, and am amazed how the 2014 edition contains so much new info: articles on "voice," queries, social media, and how to create a writer platform. Especially inspiring are the interviews with debut authors of picture books, middle grade books, and TYA. But my favorite section is "New Agent Spotlights." This book has it all, and it really is required reading for anybody interested in writing and selling a children's book.