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Home | Dr Emeil Kamel - Profile Thank you for visiting my website. I am Dr Emeil Kamel a specialist Obstetrician, Gynaecologist and Laparoscopic Surgeon based at Norwest Private a

  • http://www.dremeilkamel.com.au/patient-information/obstetrics/weeks-of-gestation/ Weeks of Gestation | Dr Emeil Kamel - Conception and Implantation At conception, the egg and sperm will meet, creating a single cell organism called a “zygote”. If the egg was fertilized, it wi
  • http://www.dremeilkamel.com.au/patient-information/obstetrics/vaginal-examination/ Vaginal Examination | Dr Emeil Kamel - Unless there are health concerns or complications, there is no medical reason to have routine vaginal examinations as part of your regular pregnancy visits
  • http://www.dremeilkamel.com.au/patient-information/obstetrics/your-antenatal-card/ Your Antenatal Card | Dr Emeil Kamel - The following is some common ways information may be recorded on your pregnancy card and what they mean. Gestational age and fundal height The Gestational
  • http://www.dremeilkamel.com.au/patient-information/obstetrics/smoking-and-pregnancy/ Smoking and Pregnancy | Dr Emeil Kamel - Facts in Australia Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, premature labour, low birth weight and sudden infant deat
  • http://www.dremeilkamel.com.au/patient-information/obstetrics/kick-chart/ Kick Chart | Dr Emeil Kamel - A 'kick chart' is a graph or grid printed on a piece of paper with spaces to record the daily movements of your baby, usually after about 28 weeks of the p
  • http://www.dremeilkamel.com.au/patient-information/obstetrics/iron-and-pregnancy/ Iron and Pregnancy | Dr Emeil Kamel - Iron is essential to normal human physiology. Iron is an integral part of many proteins and enzymes that maintain good health. In humans, iron is an essent
  • http://www.dremeilkamel.com.au/patient-information/obstetrics/induction-of-labor-iol/ Induction of Labor "IOL" | Dr Emeil Kamel - Induction of labour is usually undertaken if the risks of continuing the pregnancy are greater than the risks of induction to deliver the baby. Some indica
  • http://www.dremeilkamel.com.au/patient-information/obstetrics/diet-and-weight-gain-during-pregnancy/ Diet and Weight Gain During Pregnancy | Dr Emeil Kamel - Diet A good approach is to eat to satisfy your appetite and continue to monitor your weight. Try to eat: Lots of fruit and vegetables, wholegrain breads an
  • http://www.dremeilkamel.com.au/patient-information/obstetrics/physical-changes-in-pregnancy/ Physical Changes in Pregnancy | Dr Emeil Kamel - Conception usually occurs about two weeks after the start of your last normal period. However, it takes about 6 days for your newly conceived baby to reach
  • http://www.dremeilkamel.com.au/patient-information/gynaecology/polycystic-ovarian-syndrome/ Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome | Dr Emeil Kamel - Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a condition of unknown cause. It is associated with problems such as irregular (usually less frequent) menstrual cycl
  • http://www.dremeilkamel.com.au/patient-information/gynaecology/pelvic-inflammatory-disease/ Pelvic Inflammatory Disease | Dr Emeil Kamel - Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is infection of the reproductive organs of women. This may include infection of: The Uterus (womb) The Cervix (the openin
  • http://www.dremeilkamel.com.au/patient-information/gynaecology/menopause/ Menopause | Dr Emeil Kamel - Although it's associated with hormonal, physical and psychosocial changes in your life, menopause is a natural biological process, not a medical problem. M
  • http://www.dremeilkamel.com.au/patient-information/gynaecology/hpv-human-papiloma-virus/ HPV (Human Papiloma Virus) | Dr Emeil Kamel - If your doctor, nurse or health worker has told you that your abnormal Pap smear result may be due to an infection with HPV, you be may wondering what it i
  • http://www.dremeilkamel.com.au/patient-information/gynaecology/fibroid/ Fibroid | Dr Emeil Kamel - Fibroids also called as myomas or leiomyomas, Fibroids are non-cancerous tumours of the uterus that appear during your childbearing years. Fibroids can app
  • http://www.dremeilkamel.com.au/patient-information/gynaecology/endometriosis/ Endometriosis | Dr Emeil Kamel - The uterus is made up of three special layered linings of tissue and muscle. The innermost layer is called the endometrium, the second layer- myometrium an
  • http://www.dremeilkamel.com.au/patient-information/gynaecology/pap-smear/ Pap Smear | Dr Emeil Kamel - Pap smear In 1928, Dr Papanicolaou discovered that cells in the cervix change in appearance before they become cancerous. The Pap smear, named after the do
  • http://www.dremeilkamel.com.au/patient-information/infertility/infertility/ Infertility | Dr Emeil Kamel - Infertility is usually defined as not being able to get pregnant despite trying for one year. Pregnancy is the result of a chain of events. A woman must re
  • http://www.dremeilkamel.com.au/patient-information/useful-links/ Useful Links | Dr Emeil Kamel - These are some links which may assist you. www.ranzcog.edu.au - The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists www.medica
  • http://www.dremeilkamel.com.au/services-view/obstetrics/ Obstetrics | Dr Emeil Kamel - I work closely with a network of colleagues (midwives, anaesthetists, paediatricians etc) who are also involved in this process. Obstetrical services inclu
  • http://www.dremeilkamel.com.au/services-view/gynaecology/ Gynaecology | Dr Emeil Kamel - There are a range of women's health issues that I can offer management for such as the following: Total Laparoscopic (Keyhole), abdominal and vaginal Hyste
  • http://www.dremeilkamel.com.au/services-view/infertility/ Infertility | Dr Emeil Kamel -   I provide infertility management which includes history taking, examination, various investigations and management depending on the reasons suspecte

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