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Do More Than Pray - Learn the Truth Here! Are you concerned about the direction of the US government, our Churches, communities, the state of our families, and our world?

  • http://www.domorethanpray.com/about-do-more-than-pray/ About Do More Than Pray - Me (Fred Black) and my son Walker (4th of 4) in DC in September 2015 I started Do More Than Pray (.com) because, as a Christian, I'm concerned about the
  • http://www.domorethanpray.com/contact/ Contact - Fill out the form below to contact me. Fred Black PhaseQuest 2966 South Church Street #223 Burlington, NC 27215
  • http://www.domorethanpray.com/election/donald-trump-and-mike-pence-complementary-forces/ Donald Trump and Mike Pence: Complementary Forces - Donald Trump rubs some people the wrong way but correcting the problems facing the USA requires a particular set of skills and Donald Trump has those skills.
  • http://www.domorethanpray.com/election/30-reasons-to-vote-for-donald-trump/ 30 Reasons to Vote for Donald Trump - Donald Trump loves this country and is running for President to save it... he did not have to do this, he's built an empire that can and will keep him and his
  • http://www.domorethanpray.com/politics/two-videos-expose-the-truth-behind-obama-clinton-bengazi-isis-911/ Two Videos Expose the Truth Behind Obama, Clinton, Bengazi, ISIS, 911… - Former Army Psyop officer Scott Bennett, author of "SHELL GAME": How President Obama & Hillary Clinton Created I.S.I.S. & CIA 9-11 Whistleblower Susan Lindauer
  • http://www.domorethanpray.com/nature/saturday-flowers-7-30-2016/ Saturday Flowers 7-30-2016 - Mostly photos Night-Blooming Cereus that bloomed last night with a few others thrown in... The Night-Blooming Cereus Blooms once a year. Not mine, my 11 year
  • http://www.domorethanpray.com/take-action/do-more-than-pray-push-back-against-dishonest-media/ Do More Than Pray: Push Back Against Dishonest Media - The title of this blog, Do More Than Pray, means that to change things, we must do more than pray, we must take action. This post will outline one thing we can
  • http://www.domorethanpray.com/donald-trump/trump-rally-raleigh-nc-7-5-2016/ Trump Rally Raleigh NC 7-5-2016 - We went to the Trump rally tonight in Raleigh, NC. Diamond and Silk, Pastor Mark Burns, Senator Bob Corker. Trump signed my son's hat - see photos!

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  • Dennis L Shaffer - Great Mag

    Great Mag on my kindle. Graphics are fantastic and the articles flow very well. I am impressed by the quality.

  • Michelle - Great product. Thickness could be a little thicker but ...

    Great product. Thickness could be a little thicker but was as advertised, that's just my opinion. Thank you very much. Shipping was super fast.


    CAN"T WAIT. I have never been more proud to waste hours of a day than by playing Mass Effect. Hope this continues the tradition. Now Sony, lets see a price drop or two by then ;-)/

  • Alexander C - Nice, good storage but does not protect from falls

    The case has good utility to store things, but for protection forget it. I was using the phone and it slipped the screen cracked totally. It was only a 3 foot drop and cost $150 for Samsung to replace it. So while the case may be nice and useful to store things, it cannot protect from a fall. I bough a spigen armor case and supcase rugged case after the screen was protected. The supcase seems much more durable and secure, so I use that one (also I have another phone in a supcase for work which has protected the phone from many falls on stone/concrete). The Edge is a beautiful and very capable phone but it is very fragile. Therefore, while pretty cases may be nice, you need a rugged strong case, unless you have a lot of money to spend when it falls. And I think because it is large, it has more chance of slipping from your hand than the regular size phones.

  • Wilson A. B. C. - Poor, oversize spring system, the strap rattles since spring dont hold.

    This Garbage don't fit, seller don't stand behind his product, the spring system is oversize, spring system don't tension the parts, strap rattles, the pipes bounces freely because the spring wont hold them tight. This system is NOT ready to be install, you need buy a plug to cover the bung, Also DOES NOT have a baffle, you need to buy it separate It will cost you $25.00 it will take 3 weeks since comes from CHINA, plan ahead, avoid this crap, avoid losing precious time, DO NOT BUY IT.

  • S. Harris - This stuff is AMAZING!

    I've been coloring my hair dark brown for several years now. recently when I went to buy my regular color they were out. I figured I could use the natural black and it would just stay very dark a little longer. I was wrong, wrong, wrong. It turned out jet black and made me look like a hag!