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Dog Adoption -- Dog Training -- Breed Profiles + Illness/Health -- Photos - The guide to dog adoption, choosing a dog, caring for and training a puppy or adult dog to fit into your life. About kennels, breeders, clicker training, adopting,and much more

  • http://www.dog-adoption-and-training-guide.com/get-a-dog.html Should I Get A Dog? Am I Ready For A Dog Now? - There are reasons why people should and should not get a dog. Find out what's involved to care for a dog BEFORE you adopt or buy one.
  • http://www.dog-adoption-and-training-guide.com/adoption-vs-breeders.html Dog Adoption vs Breeders The Good and Bad of Both - Dog adoption vs breeders - The good AND bad -- adopt from a kennel, dog pound -or - buy a puppy from a breeder? A discussion of both...
  • http://www.dog-adoption-and-training-guide.com/choosing-a-dog.html Choosing A Dog -- What kind BEST FOR YOU? Help Deciding! - Choosing a dog is vitally important. Do you want to raise a puppy from the bottom up, or give an adult dog a second chance at life?
  • http://www.dog-adoption-and-training-guide.com/dog-shelters.html Dog Shelters, Dog Rescue Groups, ASPCA,, Humane Society, SPCA's etc... - It's good to be informed about the various dog shelters such as the SPCA and Humane Society and how they opersate to make informed decisions when adopting your new dog.
  • http://www.dog-adoption-and-training-guide.com/animal-shelters.html Animal Shelters Dog Kennels The Dog Pound Information - Animal shelters, aka Dog Pounds, and things you should know before adopting a dog. A good discussion about dog pounds, kennels, animal shelters, what to ask and look for.
  • http://www.dog-adoption-and-training-guide.com/adopt-a-dog.html Adopt A Dog -- What you need to know About Adopting A Dog - Adopt a dog and you save a life. The good and bad about adopting from the pound. How to check for dog aggression, socialization, etc.....
  • http://www.dog-adoption-and-training-guide.com/bringing-home-a-new-puppy.html Bringing Home A New Puppy --- New Dog? --- What Do I Do Now? - Bringing Home A New Puppy .-- What should you have on hand for your new dog when he comes home? -- What will he need, what will he eat? What are the first things you need to do?
  • http://www.dog-adoption-and-training-guide.com/paper-potty-training.html Dog Potty Training -- Housebreaking -- House Training - dog potty training, sometimes called “house training” or “housebreaking” can be done several ways. Here are two methods that work.
  • http://www.dog-adoption-and-training-guide.com/alpha-dog.html How To Become ALPHA DOG -- Pack Leader -- You'll Learn Here -Be TOP DOG - Alpha Dog is in charge of the household. It's a learned skill and your dog must know YOU are in charge or there will be all kinds of trouble.
  • http://www.dog-adoption-and-training-guide.com/clicker-training.html Clicker Training & Positive Reinforcement -- The EASY Training Method - Clicker training / positive reinforcement is the most effective, painless way to train a dog, any size or breed of dog. Learn how today!
  • http://www.dog-adoption-and-training-guide.com/dog-training-tips.html Dog Training Tips And Aids - Make Dog Training Easier - Dog training tips and aids will help make your dog-education process a little easier and quicker.
  • http://www.dog-adoption-and-training-guide.com/dog-behavior-training.html Dog Behavior Training -- Things a dog NEEDS to know! - Dog behavior training covers a range of highly unwanted behaviors that must be corrected. Learn what to do when Fido goes wrong.
  • http://www.dog-adoption-and-training-guide.com/separation-anxiety.html Separation Anxiety In Dogs --- How To Control Dog Separation Anxiety - Separation anxiety in dogs is quite common. The condition must be dealt with and is controlable with time and effort. Learn how....
  • http://www.dog-adoption-and-training-guide.com/choosing-a-puppy.html Choosing A Puppy - Choosing The Right Puppy From A Litter - What to look for - Choosing a puppy -- deciding to get one deserves careful thought. You need information. How to choose a breeder. How to choose a puppy from the litter.
  • http://www.dog-adoption-and-training-guide.com/puppy-training.html Puppy Training -- Puppy Priorities - Puppy training starts at around 4 weeks. Training Priorities.Chew Toy, Potty Training, Crate,Socilization, Commands and more info about puppies...
  • http://www.dog-adoption-and-training-guide.com/puppy-potty-training.html Puppy Potty Training Housebreaking Toilet Training.A Puppy - Puppy potty training is one of the first things to work on when a new puppy comes into your life. Here is what to do.
  • http://www.dog-adoption-and-training-guide.com/crate-training.html Crate Training --Why It Works. .Why Crate Train? How? - Crate training allows control over a dog’s potty habits and prevents household misbehavior. It's Training, NOT punishment!
  • http://www.dog-adoption-and-training-guide.com/dogs-and-kids.html Dogs And Kids - Dogs and kids can be a dangereous combination resulting in serious injury or death to the child. Here are some warnings.
  • http://www.dog-adoption-and-training-guide.com/dog-care.html Dog Care Information - Dog care covers a vast number of areas. Here are a few important considerations.
  • http://www.dog-adoption-and-training-guide.com/dog-breeds.html There Are Dog Breeds for Everyone! -- Breed Profiles -- Health/Medical -- Facts - Breed Profiles,-- Medical,-- Health -- The variety of Dog Breeds is enormous. Learn about each one.-- Which BREED is best for YOU? We'll help you choose and train your new dog.
  • http://www.dog-adoption-and-training-guide.com/dogs-and-seniors.html Dogs And Seniors -- Made For Each Other - Dogs and seniors make a great team. The dog needs time and love, the senior citizen has time and love to offer. Perfect match!.
  • http://www.dog-adoption-and-training-guide.com/apartment-dogs.html Good Apartment dogs - 53 Suitable Breeds 4 Apartments, Flats,/Condo living - Apartment Dogs -- Al;phabetical list -- 53 dogs from teacup to large, we've got good dog breeds for apartments, flats and condo dwellers.. Come visit!....
  • http://www.dog-adoption-and-training-guide.com/dog-first-aid.html Dog First Aid -- First Aid For Dogs -- When see Vet -- What's an Emergency? - Dog First Aid - Can you take a dog's pulse, temperature, do CPR or give the Heimlich to a choking dog? Stop by for more info..
  • http://www.dog-adoption-and-training-guide.com/about-me.html About Me -- Who's The Face Behind The Site? - About Me -- Were you wondering who was behind all these pages of information? Well, here I am....

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