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Doctor Stephen Mills - Plastic Surgeon - Dr Stephen Mills is one of New Zealand's most accomplished and highly regarded plastic surgeons specialising in Cosmetic Surgery, Breast Surgery, Skin Cancer, Skin Surgery, Hand Surgery.

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  • Mollies Mom - Best product on the market. Money well spent.

    Well worth the cost if you have a spider or insect problem. Sprayed the interior perimeter of a spider, ant and roach infested older home that I moved into three months ago. The only 'bugs' in my home are dead ones. Spiders, roaches, moths, the ladybug looking insects that invade my home, dead. And ants, NO MORE! It comes in other forms (Gold, bombs) which I haven't tried. Plain old 'Bengal Roach Spray' does the job!

  • Raul's Reviews - Looks great

    I haven't installed it yet cause it's been snowing in NJ, but everything looks straight forward, comes with clips, and weather seal for hood. Looks angry, came to my office and I got plenty of comments and it wasn't even installed, kinda exciting. Will update with my installation experience.

  • John Grisham - I have purchased from distributor before

    I am going to write a review on the product, not the seller - as I have not purchased this through Amazon before. I purchased through a distributor and did the autoship thing for 3 months. After 3 months and no exercise, I lost 24lbs. That was 2 shakes a day snacks and sensible meal. I did change the type of snacks I was eating and it helped in between, but let me say these shakes were delicious!! There are a hundred or so recipes on line that you can get, adding in a tablespoon of this or that - making them thicker and tastier!! My favorites are chocolate - so I did a lot of those, with bananas, or strawberries - sometimes nuts, even pistachio pudding! if you think about it, $100 divided by 30 days by 2x a day - that's $1.67 a meal! Adding in a few things you have to get like almond milk, pudding mix (that lasts like 7 or 8 shakes) fruits etc. it's under $3.00 a meal. That is a bargain! It will save you money in the long run because you are not buying breakfasts or lunches for work, or eating out!! If you stick with the shakes, sensible snacks and a sensible dinner, add in some walking - you will lose - no question! If I can do it, anyone can!! Highly recommend to anyone looking to lose -

  • Graedon Li - Judge this book by its poor cover

    This is just terrible. From the awful I-did-this-in-5-minutes Photoshop cover, to the poorly-edited content, to the sad attempt at formatting. I couldn't make it through even half the book. It's a rambling mess where few parts are well-written or logical.