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  • CaliGal805 - WORKS!

    I thought this was a gimmick until I saw it on MmandL- YouTube channel. Figured if it works for them, I'll try it. It totally works and I'm the type of person that, if I pooped, which I don't because I'm a girl, I would hold it for days if company was over. No way would I ever go if anyone was near. I mean, if I pooped, that is. But since I don't because I'm a girl, I imagine that this would be 9-1-1 for anyone who had to go. I also hate it when guests poop in my house. I hate knowing that their poop molecules are floating around my living space so I keep a bottle of this in each bathroom. I'm considering putting one in every bathroom at work, too, for those who insist on going in a public place. I feel it's the responsible thing to do and eventually I'll get promoted because I took action.

  • Salvador Valencia - The best!

    During my shopping for this item, I saw similar and identical pieces at over twice the price I got it, here in the site and at local stores.

  • Megan - TRY IT

    I really like this product, and my hair feels a lot stronger and thicker since I've started using it. It has made my hair fall out a lot less, thank God! Last I was using Matrix shampoo and my hair was falling out in huge clumps. (But, that's just me.)

  • Rejoice! - Wonderful moon calendar.

    I get this every year. I love the visual and it is a good size. My grandson loves checking the chart and going outside to see if the moon matches. Wonderful product.