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  • Someone - This product WORKS

    I am 5' 6", 102lbs female and I used the orange Ready Clean to pass a drug test for employment. This stuff works great. BUT be sure to follow the directions! This is not a miracle drink, you cannot expect to "indulge" the day before or day of the test and expect to pass just because you drank this stuff. I was clean for 2 weeks prior to using it. I drank a good amount of water during the week leading up to the test.

  • Keith - Great software, terrible service, terrible value

    I've used Peachtree since the mid 90s, and can easily endorse it as great software. But the recent changes at Sage have made it a terrible value! If you want to use payroll, get any updates, etc. the annual fee is now $879 per year. And they lock the payroll service if you don't pay that fee - you cannot cut a payroll check without paying them the $879 annual fee. In past versions you could manually update tax tables and use payroll without any issues. With the release of 2013 they changed that, and then this summer announced that tax table updates would now cost $879 annually. So pay it, or no payroll function.

  • Lilly - Tasty and effective :)

    These are great vitamins for the health of your hair skin and Nails because they contain a wide variety of vitamins and nutrients that help keep these three features of your body beautiful, strong and healthy. I love the taste of both vitamins. They are very fruit and sweet. I usually dread taking my vitamins but these are a true delight to take and I actually look forward to it. You take two gummies from each bottle every day. Best of all, they are made from sugar (not corn starch) and they are free from artificial flavors and preservatives. I would like to take the time to acknowledge the fact that I received this product for testing purposes at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. That in no way affects the way I feel about this item and its effectiveness. I am under no obligation to provide a positive review and receive absolutely no incentives if I do. I understand the importance of quality and trustworthy reviews, so that is the only thing I will ever write. All opinions are my own and my review was 100% genuine. I experienced great results and would definitely take the time to recommend this product to others.

  • Paul Ettorre - John Hiatt a great artist

    I first saw John Hiatt on Imus in the Morning. Never heard of him prior to that. I was hooked after that. If you like country mixed with folk and a little rock you need this album. Great band backup and great vocals by John.

  • paul - ATP-205 works on suspension rubber parts!

    Let me just say that I bought this stuff after watching the scottykilmer video on youtube. My civic was squeaking bad so I spraying about 1/4 of the bottle onto my rubber bushings/tie rods/ball joints etc, anything that was rubber in the suspension i sprayed. The squeaking stopped! One problem was that i previously installed polyurethane control arm bushings on my car which lasts longer and improves handling but gives it a horrible stiff ride, the spray somehow made the bushings stiffer, there weren't any negative effects of the spray on my bushings but just a stiffer ride. So be warned don't spray on your polyurethane bushings!

  • CynKrzy - Great Story, Really enjoyed it!

    Great Story, full of clever ideas, and great characters. Some of the characters could have been developed further, as well as, some of the premises of the book. No doubt that I'll read the sequel!!!

  • J. Gypton - I'm really impressed with the kit and the beer it makes

    My wife got me this for my birthday last month, and I was really excited about trying it out...which, like a kid with a new toy, I did almost immediately. The instructions are easy to follow and the components are easy to assemble and use -- I had my first batch (of 'Cowboy Lager') sitting in the keg after about 45 minutes of reading and work in the kitchen.