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Onderteken de petitie tegen de dure Dexamfetamine - Dexamfetamine is onbetaalbaar geworden. De nood is hoog! Veel mensen kunnen zonder dit medicijn niet goed meer functioneren. Onderteken óók de petitie!

  • http://www.dexamfetamine.nl/gebruik-in-nederland/ Gebruik van dexamfetamine in Nederland - Dexamfetamine.nl - Circa 30.000 Nederlanders gebruiken dexamfetamine op medische basis, maar moeten gemiddeld 1740 euro gaan bijbetalen door de registratie van Amfexa.
  • http://www.dexamfetamine.nl/dexamfetamine-naar-amfexa/ Van dexamfetamine naar Amfexa - Dexamfetamine.nl - Hoe dexamfetamine onbetaalbaar werd voor mensen met ADHD. Wat de gevolgen hiervan zijn met betrekking tot de voorraad en de hoogte van de vergoeding.
  • http://www.dexamfetamine.nl/vergoedingsoverzicht/ vergoedingsoverzicht - Dexamfetamine.nl - Overzicht van de vergoeding van dexamfetamine-preparaten en doseringen per 1 mei 2016 van verschillende zorgverzekeraars.
  • http://www.dexamfetamine.nl/over-ons/ Over Ons - Dexamfetamine.nl - Een overzicht van de mensen achter de "Dure Dex, Niet zo Flex"-petitie. Er is de afgelopen tijd met man en macht gewerkt om de campagne een succes te maken.
  • http://www.dexamfetamine.nl/contact/ Contact - Dexamfetamine.nl - Contact pagina van campagnegroep Dure Dex, Niet zo Flex, voor persvoorlichting, persoonlijke verhalen of andere vragen en/of opmerkingen.

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  • Gregory Lucas - It Works!

    I saw this product advertised in a late night tv commercial. I was skeptical but since it advertised a money back guarantee (even if you used the entire jar )I decided to purchase it. I have arthritis in an odd place (both big toes). I am now on my 3rd jar. You don't have to use much when applying this product. I use Australian Dream daily. I even recommended the use of this product to my doctor at the VA. Australian Dream is odorless, it doesn't burn nor does it stain your clothes. I am 100% satisfied with Australian Dream.

  • Steve - Works like a charm in my 2002 Ford Escape

    This was a really simple install. On my car (and a few other models) you need to trim off a couple of the mounding pieces, but it is very easy to do and causes no problems with the look of the hardware. It clicks right into place and holds my new radio in there perfectly. Sometimes it can get a little loose on one of the corners, but with a little thumb push it's just fine. The little shelf is a nice addition too, and let's me store some CDs or my phone right there close at hand.

  • Stacey Cavaglieri - HESS is the best!

    Want a cool toy for your boy? Well Hess makes the best toys! We will buy the new HESS truck every year! Every boy that comes to play goes right for the Hess toys. They are built to last! Way to go HESS!!!

  • Butterflydogmom - Zen kitty

    Bought this because I was bringing home a new rescue dog and was worried about my cat's reaction. I plugged it in 2 days before bringing home my new rescue dog. My cat has been real zen since the dog's homecoming!! Very relaxed.

  • May K.Y. - Great moisturizer

    I have been using CeraVe Facial Lotion PM daily, day and night for past 3 years. My skin is oily-type and not very dry and I was looking for a gentle and non-greasy moisturizer. I also use separate facial sunscreen so I didn't want to use AM version. PM is exactly what I wanted. It balances skin, and improves my skin Texture. It is not greasy at all and smells good, too. Leaves clean feel after use.

  • Amazon Customer - Great Guide

    This is the best guide for the GRE, it helps you build your confidence, gives you a set of strategies, and preparation material to pass the test. It of course, is no magic bullet, but it will help you greatly, perhaps much more than even the official guides, which don't analyze the test as thoroughly.