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  • Lisa Caroline - Super-Easy to Use and Inexpensive!

    I've been doing my own taxes since I was 18 years old. I have a family of 4, with income from a job AND income from self-employment, own my own home, 401k, etc. I normally get the 'Deluxe' version which includes everything I need to cover all of our income and deductions. I also get the +State version which is very handy. Last year, I got the Deluxe version without State and regretted it later. Even though the state forms are super-easy, I had to take the time to read everything myself and print forms from the state website when the software could have done it all for me. It really does save time to let the software do BOTH returns! The software walks you through each step of your return, asking questions along the way, to help you get every deduction available. Rarely have I ever had to go to the IRS website for clarification, since the software is extremely thorough.

  • Sapphire - Excellent Camera Insert

    I love my camera insert from Timbuk2. Most of the time I use it with my Timbuktu2 messenger bag but, I enjoy the fact that I can use the handle and remove the entire contents in seconds for the days that I want to carry the bag without the camera or switch bags. Excellent protection for camera equipment. Wish the price was a little less expensive tough.

  • Florjl27 - 2012 Writer's Market REview

    The book was in perfect condition upon arrival, however I didn't find it too helpful due to my type of writing. The sections for screenwriting and greeting cards were very slim, and I wish there was more to it. If however you are writing a novel, then I would strongly suggest this book.

  • Aunt Kitten - Having issues this year. First time this has happened after at least eight years of Taxcut H&R Block use

    Purchased and installed downloaded product. First noticed the folder created in Program Files was named HR Block 2011. Very strange as this is obviously 2012 code. I am very experienced with using the product for the 1120S business return I do every year.

  • Karen T. Young - Love my CanvasBack Cargo liner

    I have had the CanvasBack on my Cherokee for almost 3 years now and have never had a problem with it. It fits perfectly, stays put, covers all the carpeted areas (even the seat backs). I just vacuum up the dog hair, and if anything spills, wipe it up.

  • Naren - Best pico projector in market as of now!!!

    This is absolutely the best pico projector. The quality it gives is beyond what we would expect from a 100 lumen pico projector. It makes very less noise. USB 3 port gives the highest brightness but for my old laptop with USB 2 also gives sufficient brightness at 65 inch even at full day light. You would need a longer male to female HDMI cable and a USB extension cable for power. Overall, this product is so much worth the price.

  • AlwaysLearning - You gotta read this book!

    The first part of this book is the autobiography of a veterinarian who spent his career determining the cause of death of animals on farms, in zoos, and even in the plains of Africa. His conclusion - many diseases are due to mineral deficiencies, including deficiencies in trace minerals. When he began to draw parallels between animal afflictions and human afflictions, and argue for mineral supplements for humans (including supplements for expectant mothers to avoid congenital ailments in babies) he found himself ostracized by the medical establishment, and expelled from NIH medical research projects. Eventually he was welcomed by doctors in the naturopathic branch of medicine, and he acquired a doctorate degree as a naturopath. The latter portion of the book provides detailed descriptions of the roles of 90 essential nutrients - most of which are minerals, as well as a list of ailments, along with suggested supplements to relieve many of them.