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  • 2008_mom - Masked 1/3 of the scratches

    I purchased Quixx to see if I could make the scratches on the trunk of my silver car less noticeable. Well, I did the finger nail and water tests, and I identified the scratches as being regular and light scratches. After following the product's instructions, I could tell the light scratches were much less visible (of course I wasn't expecting perfection). The regular scratches were still there though. I also tried Quixx on 2 key scratches I had on the passenger door, and I saw no improvement at all. So why the 2 star rating? First, the product does work on light scratches, but I still have to see if the "Quixx effect" will come off after a car wash. So I think a 2 star rating is fair. Second, I can't rate the product for its effectiveness on deep scratches since I didn't attempt any sanding. Who knows, maybe it would get a better rating? Anyway, at this point, I would probably not recommend this product to a friend.

  • Rebekah L. Pinkertonhermann - better than expected.

    I was very pleasantly surprised to find that this worked even better than I thought it would! Usually items like this seem gimicky and sound like they will do amazing things then end up not. This callus remover did exactly as it said it would! The rotating head is good and does a fantastic job of removing dead skin. You do have to have a light touch with it as it will stop the rotations if you press too hard. It's a safety feature. I like that the head is tough enough to get at the calluses, but gentle enough to use all over the feet without and scraping. I'm very happy to have this and will be using it all the time as sandal season approaches!

  • Grant - A Must Buy for Beginners!

    An absolutely awesome stock book. I have checked out books about investing from my local library but this is the first investing book I have actually purchased - and I am very glad I have done so.

  • Dan Rogers - Not the supply chain bible, but a good read that makes you think.

    The goal, and Goldratt's revolutionary thinking for the time make this a must read if you run a factory, a supply chain, or any other kind of multi-person process that would benefit from higher quality and shorter throughput times. I love how he makes me think about things like total spend in addition to unit cost. A real eye opener, convincingly done. If you get this, do think about his other books to back up and fill in some of the execution elements of his theories. Long may he rest in peace - he helped me solve some hard problems.

  • Shena Holley - Looks like poop.

    I think it works. But if it rains alot you would probably need to continue to re use it. Another downfall is when it comes out it is dark brown and dries the same way. Very noticeable around doorways and around the house. Looks like poop.

  • Becca - Effective after ONE use

    Disclaimer: I received this at a discounted rate (because who doesn't love discounts) but this is my honest opinion and experience based on this product and do hope that I can be helpful.

  • Blue Lines - how did it take me eight years to buy you! - Blue Lines - how did it take me eight years to buy you!

    I saw Massive Attack live at the V99 festival in Chelmsford, England, and they were breathtaking. I already owned Mezzanine and I felt compelled to finally buy their debut album, Blue Lines. What an album, I can hardly believe it is eight years old, it sounds as fresh, cutting-edge and relevant now as it ever has. The album is musically brilliant, differing textures, dynamics and, above all, pure atmosphere, on the stand-out tracks Safe From Harm and Unfinished Sympathy, the bittersweet love song for the 90s. The inventive turntabling by Mushroom stands out on One Love and the impacable cool of Blue Lines with its marvellous chilled-out backing and smooth and relaxed rapping by 3d, Daddy G and Tricky Kid (as he was known then) is unmissable. Fittingly, it ends with a triumphant anthem, Hymn of the Big Wheel, a message of hope and eternity. I can't believe I missed this album for 8 years. Don't make the mistake I did, buy it now!