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  • Jennifer - Horrible Support Service

    I'm writing my first review on Amazon about this product - even though I've been a member of this site for years. This is how unhappy I am with this product and the accompanying service/support. The TV was delivered to my house, and plugged into the wall. The box and packaging was not left behind. At first, I was able to connect the TV to my cable box on HDMI1, and it worked fine. However, as soon as I hooked it up to my blu-ray player on HDMI 2 and then HDMI 3, my experience went downhill in a hurry. The signal from the blu ray player would cut out every 2-3 seconds to a black screen, and then back to the player (as though the disk was playing through).

  • John Hong - Just Dance Interface changed

    I was very happy with the interface shown in Just Dance 2013 and Just Dance Greatest Hits. The new interface is a bit more complex and harder to use for people with disability. It is so much more difficult that my brother will not play with it and prefers the older Just Dance games. He did like the new songs, and dance graphics, but it all comes back to the ease of choosing the songs.

  • rbeal23 - It fits the 7 plus nicely. I have a little trouble with the sleep ...

    The case seems well made and is attractive. It fits the 7 plus nicely. I have a little trouble with the sleep button, but that may just be that I'm not used to the larger phone and the button on the side and not the top. I've had otterbox defenders in the past that have saved my phones from falls on concrete. I'm not quiet as confident with the Supcase. Time will tell.

  • Samantha - Good.

    So this book include 3 of Alexa's previous books and a new short story. I've actually never read any of the 3 story's so I was looking forward to this book. I must say that I absolutely loved Riding Red! Has to be one of my favorite Alexa books. I thought Buy Me 2 was also really good as well. My issue was with Taking What's Wicked. It gives you a warning at the beginning so I just skimmed threw it enough to get the point and wasn't into it. Not my type of book. I was happy the last page did explain the situation though. As for the short story I though it was okay. I felt like there really wasn't much to the story and it fell a little flat. But I did like the characters and the idea of the story. I enjoyed that all these story's had happy endings.

  • Kevin Bowers - Working so far

    I bought this because I had exhaust leaking into the radiator system (Bubbling in the overflow/expansion tank). I followed the instructions, and at first it seemed to work, but after putting my foot on the gas it started bubbling in the overflow tank again. The directions were unclear if after you do all the steps, if you are supposed to completely drain the system, or if you drain just enough to add the anti-freeze coolant. I drained just enough to add the coolant. The bubbling began to be less and less over the following week, and now about a month later I am not losing any water and there is no more bubbling in the overflow, so it seems to have stopped the leak in my head gasket. I would always call these "sealants" a last ditch solution, but since I just spent $4000 on a Lexus IS300 and the mechanic said it is a 24 hour project to change the head gasket and would cost $3,000+ I decided to give it a try. I will say that it has seemed to work so far and am glad that I bought it.

  • Willy Saba - One can not see the expiration date

    I recently purchased this Genacol. But I put 4 stars because the expiration date can not be read because the product is covered by a label

  • Kelly Davis - DONT WASTE YOUR TIME

    The bonus tokens are a joke. You need to pay real money to play.... real money. I save day after day until i have over 7000 tokens and only bet 125 tokens each spin AND lose all tokens within 15 minuets. Save again, Same Result!!!! Ridiculous!!!!