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Data Mining Research - www.dataminingblog.com - Data Mining Research covers both research and applications in data mining. Among others, posts discuss research issues, recent applications, important events,

  • http://www.dataminingblog.com/list-of-blogs/ Data Mining Research - www.dataminingblog.com | Data Mining Blogs - I posted an earlier version of this data mining blog list in a previously on DMR. Here is an updated version (blogs recently added to the list have the logo
  • http://www.dataminingblog.com/data-mining-books/ Data Mining Research - www.dataminingblog.com | Books - Among the years, I have read several interesting data mining books. For most of them, I have written a review on Data Mining Research. All the reviews are
  • http://www.dataminingblog.com/new-to-data-mining/ Data Mining Research - www.dataminingblog.com | New? - I frequently receive e-mails and comments of people interested in data mining as a job or for their studies. Since I don't have time to answer all the requests,
  • http://www.dataminingblog.com/guest-post/ Data Mining Research - www.dataminingblog.com | Guest post - Whether you are a researcher, practitioner, freelance writer, blogger, etc. with passion for data mining, you may be interested in publishing a guest post on
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  • http://www.dataminingblog.com/about/ Data Mining Research - www.dataminingblog.com | About - Data Mining Research started in June 2006, when I was a PhD student at EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne), Switzerland. At the time, I used this
  • http://www.dataminingblog.com/how-analytics-tools-are-shaping-the-growth-story-across-industries/ How Analytics tools are shaping the growth story across industries | Data Mining Research - www.dataminingblog.com - Today's guest post is written by Mohammad Farooq If there’s one thing that businesses across all industries have in common today, it’s in their increased
  • http://www.dataminingblog.com/author/admin/ Sandro Saitta : Data Mining Research - Computer scientist with a PhD in data mining. Blogger at http://www.dataminingblog.com
  • http://www.dataminingblog.com/data-science-book-review-the-data-science-handbook/ Data Science Book Review: The Data Science Handbook | Data Mining Research - www.dataminingblog.com - The Data Science Handbook gathers 25 interviews of Data Scientists. Interviews are well done, most questions depending on the previous answer. This gives a nice
  • http://www.dataminingblog.com/data-science-book-review-everydata/ Data Science Book Review: Everydata | Data Mining Research - www.dataminingblog.com - Going opposite direction to the current Big Data trend, Johnson and Gluck discuss the little data we consume everyday in their book Everydata. The book is a

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  • Steppenwolf - it's fun for a world cup fan and a nice collectible

    Fifa videogame franchise has been stalling the last few years, probably due to a lack of competition (Konami's PES used to be a real contender). This one is basically a theme-version of Fifa 14, with a few glitches tweaked. It shows however, a lack of detail in players design, surely a consequence of rushing through development process. Still, it's fun for a world cup fan and a nice collectible

  • Joshua D. Abram - Garbage

    The game was fun for a very short time it isn't even Diablo anymore and I find it sad that games like Torchlight and Path of Exile are far more of a Diablo game than the third installment. Though Torchlight has the main remnants of Blizzard North. Blizzard South should stick to their guys and only do WoW because it is good not alienate another game with the streamlined garbage and basic rule changes that made the past games so good. I am generous enough to give the game 2 stars because I semi enjoyed it up to level 60 and a few paragon levels before it got totally boring. The online AH really ruined the game and how the drop rate of items work, it should have never received an AH in the first place.