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  • Kirsten Winget - Feels Strange but Works

    it doesn't hurt at all, people who say it does just don't know how to interpret the sensation. Yes, it definitely works, but you can't be overweight for it to work. It has to send the shocks through your skin to your muscle to stimulate them, it cannot do that if there's layers upon layers of fat in the way. So if you're looking for a cure-all lazy way to shred the fat, don't even look at this. But it works wonders amazingly. I am 5'5' and 110 lbs, and it's hardest setting isn't too extreme for me on any portion of my body.

  • surfergirl - worth the wait

    it took quite a long time to get this delivered and considering the price 100$+, I was worried it would not arrive. but its here. I already have this product so I already love it!! this one is a gift for my sister

  • CritiCal - Great product, great price, and available by immediate download

    TurboTax is my tax software of choice; I've used it for years. Finding it available at Amazon for immediate download and for a lower price than other sources makes me very happy indeed! The business version is needed for filing for my mother's trust. It delivers the same result as a CPA, but costs far less and is refreshingly free of nervous breakdowns. (Long story, but a true one.)

  • Wilma Dobrec - Very good firming and moisturizing cream

    Very good firming and moisturizing cream. Price is excellent compared to department stores. La Prairie products are top of the line. Will buy again.