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  • Shannon Skinner - BLU cell phone is spectacular

    Fast, better than average camera, latest touch screen technology, runs and hooks up to wifi 10 times better than my iPad. Would buy again in a minute. My Samsung II and III friends are envious. Unlocked and a third the price of many lessor phones.

  • newtothegame2012 - A must have for USMLE Step 1 preparation

    This book is a foundation of Step 1 preparation. Its a must buy in my opinion. The book is filled with high yield info, charts, mnemonics, and pictures. The 2012 edition was the first edition to go color but this one seems like a much better because most of the glaring errors have been fixed. A few tips: use this book throughout the school year as you go through your courses and take notes on it. This will help when review time comes. I also took my book to Staples and got it spiral bound, it makes reading and annotating much easier. Good luck everyone.

  • Mrs. Stout - Great razor for face shaving...ladies!

    Perfect for ladies that shave their face. I am now hooked on fave shaving, to get rid of heavy blond peach fuzz. This razor is great for the entire face. It is also great for cleaning up my brows. I'm able to easily go over all the contours of my face and very pronounced china and cheekbones with no issue. I've never cut myself, or even come close. And I usually get a couple weeks worth of face shaves out of it (I shave/clean up every few days).

  • Beckie! - Best acne treatment!

    I got this for my daughter and she loves it. She still has the occasional breakout--but otherwise, she looks like someone that doesn't suffer from acne at all--which was not the case before she tried this. This product works better than Proactive and better than either regimen that two different doctors prescribed--and it's much less expensive than what the doctors recommended. I would tell ANYONE that has acne issues to give these products a try. I wish that it had been around when I was younger and suffering from acne myself--it would have saved me a lot of scars, and I'm happy that my beautiful daughter won't have that happen to her.

  • Ileen - Don't Buy.

    Lasted less than a month. Light works but blade stopped oscillating. Stopped working after 2 uses. I purchased this same device (different manufacturer) years ago. When it stopped oscillating, I looked on Amazon for a replacement and purchased this one. This is obviously an inferior and cheaply made product.

  • San Antonio - NOT BLUE INK

    I rarely write bad reviews because Amazon is usually amazing. But I have ordered and returned this item two times and it keeps coming back with BLACK ink - it is supposed to be BLUE ink. Now, I've returned it again, and the replacement just never showed up. Very disappointing. The pen itself is absolutely beautiful -- I just needed blue ink, and since that's what it said it was, that's why I'm rating it so low. :(

  • David N. Lodovico Jr. - GREAT SONG

    Awesome music. Very convenient to download to the computer and put on my smartphone. Will continue to get great music from Amazon.