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  • sara - Actually for a rectangular bassinet mattress. Good quality cotton.

    This is a thick, quality, flannel sheet that will fit an oval bassinet mattress but is actually made for a square cornered bassinet mattress (it has 4 stitched corners). I double checked and the packaging specified oval bassinet sheet. Strange. Fits a 14x30x1 oval mattress snugly after being washed.

  • Reviews from the Heart - ... dangerous story that I couldn’t get enough of and loved reading! Michael isn’t a hero and doesn’t pretend ...

    This is a deliciously dark and dangerous story that I couldn’t get enough of and loved reading! Michael isn’t a hero and doesn’t pretend to be anything more than the jerk that he’s proud to be. He’s got a hard earned and well-deserved reputation for being the one even the worst of the worst call on whenever they need a difficult situation taken care of. He was abandoned by everyone that was supposed to care for him from birth and it’s shaped him into someone that people say has no soul. It’s hard not to fall for the guy when you hear everything he’s been through and no matter how tough he strives to appear on the outside, I found myself just wanting to give the guy a big hug since he’s so much more than he thinks he is. His most recent job has unfortunately put him in the middle of some pretty serious stuff going on and to say everything goes sideways in a big way is quite an understatement. Sofia is a cop and the polar opposite of Michael in every way possible. These two are the perfect example of the belief that opposites attract and I loved them together! This is a highly intriguing story filled with danger around every corner and I loved reading this! I highly recommend this to anyone to read and I look forward to much more from this author in the future.

  • Amazon Customer - Fantastic product, great price!

    Great price and great product! I have frizzy wavy hair and this helps to keep my hair in good condition, less frizzy. It also is soothing to my scalp - I normally have an itchy, dry scalp and need to use T-Gel a few times a week, but since I have used this shampoo almost daily I have hardly ever had to use the T-Gel! It is worth every penny!

  • Scott Smith - A few small gripes.

    First off let me say that I am an Xbox fanboy and still could not bring myself to give 5 stars. The system itself works like a charm and has a ton of innovative features that you won't see in any other game systems.