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  • https://www.cosmopolitan.ro/cosmo-star/cosmoday-afla-secretele-nicoletei-nuca #COSMODay: află secretele Nicoletei Nuca! - Am stat de vorbă cu Nicoleta Nuca, cea care ne-a spus mai multe despre super piesa care se aude peste tot, „Amintiri", stilul ei vestimentar şi tunsoarea îndrăzneaţă!
  • https://www.cosmopolitan.ro/sanatate/diete-fitness/untul-de-arahide-beneficii-pentru-sanatate-si-retete-de-incercat Untul de arahide. Beneficii pentru sănătate și rețete de încercat - Untul de arahide nu ar trebui să îți lipsească din alimentație. Află ce beneficii pentru sănătate are și încearcă rețetele pe care le-am ales pentru tine.
  • https://www.cosmopolitan.ro/love-sex/top-sex/ce-sunt-aventurile-emotionale-si-cum-stii-daca-ai-una Ce sunt aventurile emoționale și cum știi dacă ai una? - Cele mai multe persoane se tem că partenerul va avea o aventură sexuală, dar prea puține se gândesc și la aventurile emoționale.
  • https://www.cosmopolitan.ro/love-sex/top-sex/mituri-false-despre-orgasm-pe-care-poate-si-tu-le-crezi Mituri false despre orgasm pe care poate și tu le crezi - Există multe mituri despre sex, mai ales atunci când vorbim despre orgasm. Iată care sunt cele mai comune dintre acestea și află adevărul din spatele lor.
  • https://www.cosmopolitan.ro/horoscop/horoscopul-zilei-de-26-octombrie-3 Horoscopul zilei de 26 octombrie - Începe ziua pregătită: află din horoscopul Cosmo ce ți-au rezervat astrele pentru ziua de 26 octombrie și ia cele mai înțelepte decizii.

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  • Mike - Not Good

    I thought I was up grading since I have the 2002 version of Publisher. We use Publisher all the time and find it is very easy to use once you get use to it. But my purchase of the Publisher 2010 was a big mistake.

  • Jessica W - I love these. I got the celadon/moonrock color and they're ...

    I love these. I got the celadon/moonrock color and they're super cute. I ordered a half size smaller because of other reviews and actually found them to be a bit snug. If I order another pair, I'll get my usual size. They're pretty comfortable. Definitely satisfied with these feezys.

  • Amazon Customer - Great AGAIN

    Mandy Roth always has the best characters and the stories that will bring others together throughout the lines. Immortal Ops is one of my favorite genres with the guys that have so much going on underneath and have to fight emotional and physical battles to have the love of their life involved. Love each one and look forward to the next one !!

  • Midwesternmommy - This Diet works like nothing else, but it takes time, patience, lots of sweat and many tears

    My daughter was 6 months old, covered in eczema, bleeding, and screaming every night. Her weight was not going up and she went from the 80th percentile to the 4th percentile. I was exasperated and had no idea what to do. I found out she had 4 allergies through my milk and 9 separate foods and several non food substances she reacted to. I removed the allergens and her eczema got much better, but she was still scrawny and I was depressed because of the horribly restricting diet that I had to feed her as well as the diet I myself I had to stick to while nursing. Thank God I discovered this book. Now she is a plump, happy toddler who can eat almost anything with no problems! The diet was very hard though and emotionally draining. There were times it seemed we were regressing, but I learned that we were actually detoxing. It is normal to get worse before you get better. There was no support anywhere near me and I had to figure out all the tweaking on my own. I ended up having to add a couple supplements that aren't "GAPS approved" to kill my daughter's candida as she could not take garlic or eat many ferments to kill the fungus. My four year old also got over her milk allergy after 6 months. I myself got rid of chronic yeast infections and my seasonal allergies are WAY better. I went off because my kids seemed to have completely healed, but I know I need to go back on to finish healing my issues compounded by years of bad diet and antibiotics. Suffice it to say, this diet WILL help you, but be prepared to make major changes in your life for at least a year. Our health is priceless, so why not?

  • Eve Wayman - Good beginning of a series.

    Historical fiction that shows us parts of history we either never learned or only scanned over in school are so fun. This weaves in history, Shakespeare, and dynastic family drama. I look forward to reading the rest of the series.

  • Adam E. Fields - Works, but don't expect miracles

    I purchased this based on a recommendation from a friend who swears by it. At $10, it is a fraction of the price of the Coravin that I so desperately want.