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- 綠榕軒 | Chung Lai Yung - 作品多次於香港大會堂及社區會堂展出。時於明愛,路德會等社區青年中心任國畫班導師。因出國暫別香港,婚後相夫教子,今兒成長,閒來寄情丹青,覆任教各藝院、學校。

Country:, Asia, HK

City: 114.1333 , Hong Kong

  • Amazon Customer - Fun for 2 solid hours

    If you're going to be buying a gift for a young boy in the next few weeks, I can highly recommend this one. This is the "craft" I bought to keep my son occupied during our Election Party. Yes, it says ages 8+, and he's just barely 6, but he only needed a little help with the final assembly. The excavating part -- tapping on a soft block of "rock" with a mallet and chisel -- kept him enthralled for two full hours. The fun part was how excited he got with every bone he uncovered! My only complaint is that it's a one-time toy -- now that the digging is done, we have a model T-Rex skeleton to display, but I don't see any further play potential -- the assembly is firm enough to stand up to some gentle handling, but it's not going to stand up to a 6-year-old's enthusiasm for very long.

  • Heidi B. Good - My radio works now!!

    My rav came with an antenna originally and reception was fine, I never paid attention then at some point I realized I could not get one of the radios stations that has a weak signal, and I noted the antenna was gone, most likely a casualty of the car wash. Anyway, I finally found this , screwed it in and voila! Easy to install, in my case, once I figured out to unscrew the little protective cap where the old antenna used to be. Fits like a charm and works well too.

  • Dudeman - Couldn't have asked for a better product

    I bought this scratch remover to take care of several scratches and scuff marks on my doors and fenders. The product has easy to follow instructions and gave me no problems. I was a little nervous about using the sandpaper, but after I was done the difference was amazing. This product works far better than any of those large industrial size scratch removers. It may be a small package but I couldn't be happier with the results.

  • Gagewyn - Good book with repetition and illustrations to appeal to toddlers

    You Are Not Small is a good book for very small children because of the repetition and illustrations. In the story a small bear meets a big bear. The big bear takes the view that he is not big and instead the small bear is small. The small bear argues that he's not small and instead the other bear is big. More bears show up, and there's a twist at the end.

  • E Fink - Great series of books!

    I've been buying this series of books for years for my nephew at Christmas. He always knows it's coming, so he's chomping at the bit each year to get it out of his stocking and devour it. He's 18 now and will continue to get these each year.