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  • Kris - Take an adventure to Italy to find love with Georgie

    A Place in the Sun delivers just what you would expect from an R.S. Grey book, a large dose of comedy with a side of romance and a bit of everything in between.

  • Mame - The Best Hairspray for me

    Love tis brand. Holds my styled hair firmly and even on rainy, damp or windy days. I reach for it automatically. Amazon's price was less than at my hair salon.

  • Jim Madole - Perfect fit in 2006 Ford Ranger

    Very easy. I assembled everything before putting it in my 2006 Ford Ranger. Used with a JVC KDR850BT. It would not fit the head unit using the side mount adapter. Had to use the sleeve that came with the radio, but it supports the head unit perfectly. I used the Mounting Kit's trim piece instead of the one on the head unit. It just looked better. Much easier to pre-assemble everything in the house first. That allowed me to experiment with the different kit options. Once it was assembled to my satisfaction (and the wiring harness spliced in), the whole unit slid right in and snapped in place in my dash in less than five minutes!! Couldn't have done this with such a finished look without the kit! Strange that they discontinued it!

  • Amazon Customer - A great little vacuum

    I have owned more vacuums than I care to count. I have wood floors in my kitchen, dining room and den. I have thick plush carpet in the rest of the house. I have a Braun canister vacuum for wood floors which is a pain to pull out on a daily basis so I wanted something I could park in a hidden corner of my kitchen that I could use daily. For 5 years I have suffered with an Electrolux stick vacuum that won't pick up anything so when I saw the ad for this vacuum I decided to buy one. I am so pleased with it. The vacuum not only picks up all the crumbs but picks up dry cat food that vacuums usually spit out the back. The only thing I wish it could do is adjust a bit lower than it can. I was not expecting any kind of performance on carpet but much to my surprise it actually did a good surface job. So good that I had to empty the cup halfway through. It moved with great ease on my carpet and throw rugs with the exception of a thick oriental rug in my dining room. The vacuum was hard to push against the nap of the rug. I thought the Hoover was easy to put together (one screw). I find the dirt cup easy to put in and take out and empty. One thing I had to do was turn it over after vacuuming and clean out cat hair (I have two persians) from the brush. The long hair had wrapped around the brush like a spool of thread. The vac is also very light weight. The battery is easy to insert and I had plenty of power left after vacuuming my whole house.

  • a. Dean - Didn't really work for me but great customer support and cancellation

    I just wanted to submit a review.. AM didn't work for me, and I did try for 2 months, but I do have chronic pain that can block even the most stringent of medications. I was concerned that if I started this, I wouldn't be able to get it cancelled BUT I have to say, they were great about stopping the automatic orders. This should be the greatest concern to any which wish to try this product. I think this is a good product and others (because our organic bodies are all different) may have wonderful success with this. For this reason alone, I give this, this rating!

  • N. Stamp - This is now a part of my beauty regimen.

    I bought this product as a part of a detox. However, I never used it. Then, I started to get a large amount of inexplicable amounts of acne (or rash) and it wasn't go away. In fact, it was coming on faster. I'm a 51-year old black woman, and my skin is pretty decent for my age. So, I tried the mask. OMG! The bumps were gone the next morning. The acne came back a week later, I used the mask again. The acne went away again! Also, my skin looks healthier (younger). My pores are not as large either. I am loving the way my skin looks these days. This is a keeper.

  • DonnaHok - Light at the end of the dark tunnel

    This book is an awesome story to read. Action and adventure alone with emotions of losing a loved one. But with that loss came finding a new one. Things are not as they seem at first when Elizabeth finds out that her step father left her inheritance to a stranger. Liam want some comfort as well after losing his new friend. Never did he think the old man would do what he did after his death. Truths come to the surface. This is a well written and very entertaining self-contained story with an HEA. Also has a few extra books from these two authors.