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  • Nathan Petrie - Time Travel!

    When I purchased this cable, I had to give up my apartment, but I knew it would be totally worth it. It arrived in a UPS truck at my box on the side of 5th Street. The man stepped out and handed my a box. Inside was a 6.56 foot cable. I hooked it up to my small flatscreen I kept in the back of my box. Soon everything was sucked into the cable. I am reviewing this from the year 3012. I have tried contacting support. Maybe one of the other loyal purchasers could assist me. Please?

  • Dana D. - Best tanner I've ever tried for so many reasons!

    Expensive, but worth it in my opinion. I have a toddler and don't have time for anything too fussy to apply, or too long to dry. This stuff does NOT smell bad like other tanners I've tried, it dries super-fast, and the colour is lovely, not orange. It's not dark right away, but since I'm pretty fair, I actually prefer that, so I don't look fake. I can gradually increase it until I find the shade I like, then just maintain. It also makes my skin feel ridiculously smooth and supple. One bottle lasted me a whole season. Buying again!