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  • Raul Ramón - Do it

    I was losing about 20 to 30 hairs every time I washed my hair at night. Now only after two nights shampooing with this, I only find 1 or 2 stray hairs in my hand after rinsing it. This product is wonderful, I like the scent too

  • happyjo - wonderful, wonderful, wonderful

    I used this in the 90's and loved it. I bought many jars. then suddenly I couldn't find it, the stores I was buying it from had closed. periodically I have looked for it , and was never successful. when I saw it on line..........I snapped it up. it smells so good and it feels wonderful to use.

  • Julie Carignan - Database corrupted, now my data's unavailable

    I've been using ACT for about 20 years. I've been disappointed that the software has gotten less easy to work with (like custom screens I really liked no longer work and I can't create anything like them due to new screen constraints) and FAR more complicated in its setup (trying uninstall or troubleshoot is quite a process). Recently ACT! started asking me for a password when there is none, so I can't get into my databases. They're apparently both corrupted and the only way to find out how that happened (so I can provent it) or to get them fixed is to pay hefty fees for service. I valued ACT! for many years now but I'm bummed that I can't afford to troubleshoot the corrupt databases and my data is now stuck inside databases I can't open. I can't easily switch to a different CRM because I can't export the notes and history, which is what's most valuable and unique about the data that's in ACT! contact records vs my contact records in Outlook, LinkedIn or gmail. I'm also disappointed that there's no way to get my data to the cloud so that I can access it from other computers and locaitons, and the tight upgrade pricing restriction. I would no longer recommend getting tied into this product. It doesn't seem like SAGE places any priority on keeping customers productive and happy.