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Cipro Cases I & II - A partial Settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit involving the antibiotic Cipro. The lawsuit claims that Bayer Corporation, Barr Laboratories, Inc., Hoechst Marion Roussel, Inc., Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and the Rugby Group, Inc. (the “Defendants”) violated antitrust and consumer protection laws by agreeing not to compete with each other and keeping lower cost generic versions of Cipro off the market.

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  • Leland - ~ BAD COMPANY's 19 Song "Very Best Of" gets a 2015 remaster, but may have been better in overall quality ~

    I really like ;this CD. Some of the songs on here you can tell they sound better than the original CD versions. I really wonder though if the label uses the same remastered version of the song on the individual Album because it appears they may not.

  • Wayne - Excellent for the money

    Arrived next day, everything intact, awesome camera. Easy to carry around, comfortable to use, simple functions/settings available. Highly recommend if you're buying a camera for the first time and looking to get some great shots!

  • Hermit58 - Great band, great sound. TERRIBLE video!

    I love the sound quality. I love the performances. I love the cast of musicians. What I don't love is thinking I was buying a 16:9 DVD when what they did is take a 4:3 regular screen and stretch it out, making everybody look short and fat, and circles become oblong. It says 16:9 on the box cover. But, it's just 4:3 stretched out. It's just horrible that UMe did this to an otherwise fantastic DVD. I am SO upset that I will never buy another UMe product again.

  • Kathy A. - This is amazing!

    This is amazing! I've only been using it for a week, but I can already see a difference under my eyes. I have a problem with puffiness and it tightens the skin under my eyes. It has a very faint, but pleasant smell. It is in the most unique container I have ever seen. I don't like to put my fingers in my creams, or make up. I always use a spatula. This jar has a lid which you remove and then you press down on the cover of the jar, which pushes a tiny amount of the gel up onto the center of the cover. I absolutely love the gel and the jar that it is in.

  • shrn666 - totally addicted!

    i've been using this stuff (and several other suki products) ever since my local co-op grocery started selling it a few years ago. once you've dried your face after using the appropriate suki cleanser, mist your face 8-9 sprays and don't use a cotton ball. then, have the appropriate serum ready to work in a drop or two of that while the toner's still wet on your face. also since it's packaged in glass, don't drop it!!!

  • fantaztika - IT WORKS!

    I bought this for home maintenance after treating my cat. It smells great, you do not need a whole ton so don't go crazy wasting half a bottle on your first use! I found what works best is to vacuum first and then lightly spray the room (rugs, around air vents, dark corners, under/behind furniture). If you spray too much, it can get a little unbearable and the spices will surely clear your sinuses. I have a short haired cat, and I spray this stuff on a paper towel and then rub top of her head and middle of her back. Within 48 hours we were back to a non-flea home!