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  • William C. - Happy RAV4 buyer.

    Prior to going out shopping for another vehicle we reviewed some Consumers Guide articles on used vehicles, that being our initial intention to buy. There were not any Toyota or Honda vehicle models that were mentioned to avoid and plus those two car manufacturers were mentioned as ones to buy. On the initial shock of sticker price on used vehicles even with high mileage we found that a new car did not cost that much more. We considered the Tacoma, RAV4, Camry, and Corolla. We decided that the Tacoma would not meet our needs then test drove the RAV4 followed by a Camry. My wife liked the drive and roominess in the back seat much more in the RAV4 than the Camry so we felt it pointless to drive the Corolla. We purchased the RAV4 and have had it about three weeks much to our satisfaction. We even drove it to the mountains of NC without experiencing any trouble going up and down the mountains despite it being a four cylinder car. It drove fine in Interstate traffic. Love it so far.

  • Amazon.Buyer - Next gen consoles are here and worth it..so far...

    I tried out the PS4 and the visuals on it are amazing. I like the new and improved interface as I was getting tired of the old look. The new controller is very light and feels very comfortable and better than any controller I have used in the past. I really enjoyed trying remote play which worked great with the games I tried so far which were killzone and Assasins creed 4. Sony has done a good job with this. However I think I need to upgrade to an ssd because load times are a little longer due to the games being much heavier.

  • stuffed - I guess i mis read the title when I bought this

    I have gastro intestional problems and i find my self often in search of a restroom to relieve my self. I thout this book title was "How to Avoid Huge S***s" I bought it to make it so I didnt have problems when the time came to poop.

  • Teri Fladstol - PCOS

    This is a supplement we use for PCOS and it was unavailable for a little while so I found it on Amazon and got it within 2 days.