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  • Edward Reid - does what it claims

    Wet&Forget isn't perfect. If you want that bright pressure-washed look, white-white concrete and bright terracotta-colored tile, get it (whatever "it" is) pressure washed, as Wet&Forget won't give you that look. If you want it looking good this afternoon, pressure-wash it, as Wet&Forget does not work fast. If you are patient and need "it" -- driveway, sidewalk, roof, deck -- to look better, to have safe footing, to stop algae build-up -- then Wet&Forget is a good choice. I include these caveats because some reviews seem to knock it down for failing to do more than it claims.

  • Dan Krischke - This poster is really neat. I saw it and ...

    This poster is really neat. I saw it and ordered it without hesitation. Kudos to the folks who engineered this poster.