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University of Missouri - School of Medicine - The University of Missouri School of Medicine was the first publicly supported medical school west of the Mississippi River.

  • http://www.childhealth.missouri.edu/news/ Online Degree for Doctors Who Want to Teach - The University of Missouri is the first university in the nation to offer a fully online master’s degree for physicians who want to teach.
  • http://www.childhealth.missouri.edu/simcenter/ Shelden Clinical Simulation Center | University of Missouri School of Medicine - The Shelden Clinical Simulation Center emphasizes the importance of clinical knowledge and problem solving throughout the developmental process.
  • http://www.childhealth.missouri.edu/ahec/ Area Health Education Center | University of Missouri School of Medicine - Facilities, programs and opportunities associated with the MU Area Health Education Center, developing advancements in medical research and practice.
  • http://www.childhealth.missouri.edu/toolbox/ University of Missouri - School of Medicine - Multimedia - Image Toolbox - The University of Missouri School of Medicine Office of Faculty Affairs assists faculty members in achieving their full potential
  • http://www.childhealth.missouri.edu/education/ Education | University of Missouri School of Medicine - The University of Missouri's School of Medicine and the Department of Education present problem based learning curriculums that educate medical students.
  • http://www.childhealth.missouri.edu/departments/ Departments | University of Missouri School of Medicine - Listing of the departments within the University of Missouri School of Medicine
  • http://www.childhealth.missouri.edu/faculty/ Faculty Affairs | University of Missouri School of Medicine - The University of Missouri School of Medicine Office of Faculty Affairs assists faculty members in achieving their full potential.
  • http://www.childhealth.missouri.edu/staff/ Staff Advisory Committee | University of Missouri School of Medicine - Our staff are fundamental to the work and success that we achieve here at the School of Medicine and the greater University community. The committee encourages you to help us in our mission. You can help by making suggestions, making us aware of needs, or nominating individuals to serve o
  • http://www.childhealth.missouri.edu/news/20161011-mu-awards-500000-in-grants.php MU Awards $500,000 in Grants to Accelerate Biomedical Discoveries from Lab to Market - ​​The MU Coulter Translational Partnership Program awarded five grants to accelerate promising research innovations into products that can improve patient care.​
  • http://www.childhealth.missouri.edu/news/20160923-deactivation-of-brain-receptors-in-postmenopausal-women.php Deactivation of Brain Receptors in Postmenopausal Women May Lead to Lack of Physical Activity - MU researchers have found a connection between lack of ovarian hormones and changes in the brain’s pleasure center.
  • http://www.childhealth.missouri.edu/news/20160921-school-of-medicine-becomes-hill-day-partner.php School of Medicine Becomes Hill Day Partner - The MU School of Medicine will be a Hill Day partner during this year’s “Rally for Medical Research Hill Day” on Sept. 22 in Washington, D.C.
  • http://www.childhealth.missouri.edu/news/20161010-new-approach-may-be-key.php New Approach May be Key to Improving U.S. Population Health - MU researchers are suggesting that an innovative systems-thinking approach to population health could improve the country’s current health disadvantage.
  • http://www.childhealth.missouri.edu/news/20161005-breast-milk-protein-safely-reduces.php Breast Milk Protein Safely Reduces Hospital Infections in Preemies - MU researchers have found a protein in breast milk to be a safe and efficient solution to reduce hospital-acquired infections in neonatal intensive care units.
  • http://www.childhealth.missouri.edu/news/20160926-measurement-helps-craniofacial-surgeons.php Measurement Helps Surgeons Evaluate Skull Deformity - Researchers at the University of Missouri School of Medicine are recommending a new method to help determine when surgery is needed.

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