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  • Amazon Customer - Great product good price

    Fit perfect ! You can also still use the plastic cap holder cord to attach the cap to the truck.. Nice feature!!

  • Marisa - For Android Please....

    Would love to get this sent to my Motorola Xoom... Pretty sure it could handle it guys. You're letting my money fly out the window every month. I know it is only 2 bucks but I KNOW I'm not the only one. Any day now....

  • Kathy Lee - AWESOME

    I brought this for my husband. But after trying it. I might not let him have it in his man cave. I think it would do better in my kitchen or home office. This is AWESOME. I am not a beer drinker, till now.. Thinking about buying another one...

  • Milton Edy Martorella - Do not waste even a penny on the Hairmax!!!

    This product has only "one laser diode" split in 9 beams through a plastic mirror, in other words, the efficacy of this device is diminished by having this kind of disposition.

  • Robin - Unbelievably good

    The first thing out of my mouth after tasting them was...OMG!! These are soooooo good! And organic! I had temperature the first time at a friends house. I loved them so much, I came home and ordered a case. Love, love, love them!