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  • alonzo9772 - Great shampoo for anyone to use

    I have been going through hair loss and this has helped reduced the amount of hair that I yank out when I comb my hair.

  • Kathleen B - Enjoyable

    I enjoyed this book. It kept you interested right from the start of the book until the very end. The chemistry between Will and Amelia was ignited from the beginning. This is the 1st book I've read from this author, but I will look for more of her books.

  • chrisb - ... and a lot of plastic screen protectors that are garbage. This review is for the iPhone 6s screen ...

    I've had a lot of phones and a lot of plastic screen protectors that are garbage. This review is for the iPhone 6s screen protector. These are easily the best screen protectors I've ever had. They have the feel of the original glass screen because they are glass. This pack comes with 2 tempered glass protectors, dust removal stickers just in case you get one tiny piece of dust on the screen right before installing the protector, and 2 of each, alcohol wipes and disposable dust free dry wipes. The glass itself has 2 tabs on the top and bottom so you can hold it and line it up perfectly while applying. I've seen other reviews where people complain that the glass is too small to cover the screen, but that's really by design because the edges of the iPhone screen are actually curved on the edges. This helps when you are trying to fit an Otterbox commuter or a Speck candy shell case which are both difficult to snap onto the phone and will not peel the edges of your newly installed screen protector. I've had 2 of these for over a year until I was riding my bike and my phone flew off of my holder and hit the pavement hard. There was a crack in the screen or so I thought. The screen protector actually absorbed the impact and when I peeled it off, the phone screen didn't even have a scratch or crack on it! My daughter also dropped her phone on the pavement, landing on its corner, the tempered glass protector absorbed the impact and cracked. After peeling it off there was no damage to the screen. Keep in mind both of these phones did have cases on them but I've had phones crack with a case on when it hits the ground just right. Again, these are the best screen protectors you can buy because you can't beat the durability or the feel of the tempered glass. For less than $10 for 2, this is a no brainer.

  • Amazon Customer - Steves is the best

    Rick Steves is the best guidebook editor because he does part of the work himself. His little hand drawn maps look crude, but beat a free map from the tourist office every day. All the info you need, nicely presented and explained.

  • Patricia Murphy - Paper to Digital - it's beautiful.

    Transition to just digital took awhile but still satisfies my New Yorker addiction. Colors are so crisp and bright - the covers just glow. Easy to move around or just go page by page. Can go to issue immediately to look up that book title or movie review. And still get all those intriguing little sketches. Cartoons all there, too. I like it!

  • Shaun B. - Good....But I Still Favor "Born Sinner" Collectively....

    I was excited to see that J.Cole had released a new album. I really enjoyed his last effort, Born Sinner, in which I felt it was an album you could listen to top to bottom, with no fillers. Collectively, that was one of the best rap/hip-hop albums of recent memory. When I saw this follow-up was released, I was surprised that there was no to little publicity/build-up for this release, considering his last effort was so strong. As a whole, I don't like this album as good as his last release, but that's not to say that this album isn't any good as well. This album has it's moments, and there are some songs I really like, such as "Wet Dreamz," but as a whole, I don't enjoy this effort as much as the last. With that being said, this album is still better that 95% of the hip-hop content being released today. I rated Born Sinner as a 4.4, I would give this one a 3.6 as a whole.