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Cftrscience | Clinician's Guide to CFTR - Describes the need for physicians to review the molecular consequences of CFTR protein dysfunction to improve knowledge of CF

  • https://www.cftrscience.com/normal-CFTR-protein Understanding normal CFTR protein and activity - Learn about the role of CFTR protein ion transport throughout the body and what contributes to the total CFTR activity of a cell.
  • https://www.cftrscience.com/CFTR-mutations-and-effect-on-activity Understanding how CFTR mutations affect protein activity - Explore the different classes of CFTR mutations, and their effect on CFTR protein and total CFTR activity.
  • https://www.cftrscience.com/influence-of-CFTR-activity-on-phenotype Understanding how CFTR genotype and activity affect phenotype - Understand the role of CFTR genotype and total CFTR activity in determining CF phenotype

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    This was one last Lucas product I had never used....and it worked for my valve cover gasket seep. I used Lucas fuel--oil--and trans products for decades now and swear by them!

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