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  • G. Cates - This one failed after 10 minutes.

    This failed after 10 minutes. I sent it back to Amazon and they are always great and issued a credit. I ordered another one from someone else through Amazon and it works just fine so far.

  • Karen - Microsoft Visual Studio Pro 2012

    The prior version was a better product. Microsoft deployed the product with some bugs which still have not been fixed. I would not recommend this product until MS fixes most of the bugs. It's difficult enough developing a software app. without MS throwing in additional difficulties. For example: they took away the I agree or disagree feature when selling a software app.

  • Tony Goldwater - Great product! Does the job!

    Engine service light went on, computer showed code for catalitic converter. I found this product by the word of mouth and decided to try it. It worked as advertized. I added it to a 1/4 filled tank, drove till I used almost all gas, then filled the tank full and the light never lit up. 6 months later I passed emission test. My car is 2003 Toyota Camry. Great product!!!!

  • barbyd32 - An enjoyable read but didn't work for me!

    I read this book with enthusiasm as I was looking for something to help me with EHS. It was very well written and made a lot of sense and I was very hopeful it would work for me! After finishing the book, I ordered a set of mats and the bands. I checked my outlet with the tester they provided to make sure it was grounded. It was! I proceeded to attach the grounding cord to the band and then to my wrist and proceeded to put the other end in the grounding hole. It wasn't long before I was experiencing some of the symptoms I do with electromagnetics...... headaches, shortness of breath, generalized aches and pain. I waited a couple of days and tried it again. Sad to say, it did the same thing. I do believe the stories of others who received help from the Earthing. It just didn't work for me! I will continue my search for something else that will help me and I am happy many found help with grounding!

  • Schmuffin - Complete waste.

    Though this review is going to be very short, it will take longer to write than the items shelf life. The first one arrived and stopped working after the first 20 seconds. The replacement arrived DOA. Very disappointing product.

  • Broc Sabinson - Great Product!! Passed Emissions Test!!

    Great Story. I have a 2003 Toyota 4Runner with 217K miles on it. I am trying to sell it and the one thing holding it back is the check engine light (CEL) with the code P0430 (Catalyst System Efficiency below threshold Bank 2). I have had it checked out and of course the repair shop "oh you need a new catalytic converter on the passenger side...there is some nasty stuff coming from the exhaust." blah blah blah. I even told the guy to check the 02 sensors if at all possible and that I was selling the car and I wanted to avoid spending a ton of money. They never did check the sensor, but they were more than happy to charge me a cool $115 to tell me what I already knew. Long story short, I put 2 cycles of Cataclean in and I passed the emissions inspection yesterday (never thought it was possible!!). Now, I can tell you that the CEL will stay off for about 60 miles or so then it comes back on. So it did not fix that issue like some of the other reviews (I just unhook the negative terminal for about 10 minutes or so and get it to reset). However, I firmly believe that this stuff did do something to clean out the fuel and exhaust system enough to get it to pass which is the ultimate goal. I think it is safe to say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the Cat and I can attribute the CEL to a bad sensor. I would think the emissions testing facility would have caught the cat whether the CEL was on or not. Words cannot express my disappointment in the repair shop that gave me the diagnosis of a bad cat. Bottom-line, give this stuff a try. It may not turn your Check Engine Light (CEL) off but it will do a good job of cleaning out the system (as advertised) and possibly help you to pass the emissions test. I did follow the instructions and ran it all the way down to below a 1/4 of a tank, put the Cataclean in, drove it for another 20 miles and then put in premium fuel. I did 2 cycles of that back to back. I could even tell the MPG improved. I am getting 19.5 on a V8 4Runner with 217k miles on it. Hope this story helps!