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Canadian Academy of Osteopathy: College & School - Osteopathic college in Ontario, Canada offering the highest level education & diploma programs in classical osteopathy and 1000+ hours of in clinic training.

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  • Kate B. Smith - Excellent Product

    Excellent Rinse for those of us with dry mouths. I especially like the PBF variety and it is hard to find locally. It

  • j lee - It charges and analizes very well

    I have found two batteries with bad cells so far using this charger. It analyzes the battery while it desulfates and charges. Who could ask for more from a relatively inexpensive charger. It load tests the battery while it charges, it really a great little machine.

  • Christie - smells like baby shampoo

    I know some reviewers complain about the scent of this product, but I've always liked it. I've been using it for about a year, and finally figured out what it smells like: baby shampoo. Good, old fashioned 'no more tears'. Sort of soapy and clean rather than the floral scents so many beauty products employ. It makes my hair look healthier and feel smoother, but only if I use it on damp hair. If my hair is already fully dry, then it feels oily and doesn't really distribute through all of my hair. I use a nickle sized portion in the palm of my hand, smear my hands together, and work it through hair that is still damp, nearer to dry than to dripping. Then the results are nice. I've actually received compliments on the scent from a beauty tech who thought I was wearing perfume when I had used no other scented products. She was inches away from my head at the time, though, so don't think it spreads away from you like perfume does. I have very fine, straight, light brown hair.

  • 80126 - Good fit

    I like these shoes. Not too narrow in the toe area as I have found with some of the newer Asics designs.

  • LadyNims - HALLELUJAH!

    I have a spot on my carpet that smells like urine and I have tried everything! The expensive "pet" carpet cleaning machine with special "pet odor" detergent didn't work. Neither did all the Nature's Miracle products sold at Petsmart. Neither did the home remedies-- baking soda, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide. Neither did the professional carpet cleaners. Neither did pulling the carpet up and hand washing it on a washboard. I bought a couple bottles of this, poured it inside a hand sprayer and drenched the place. 24 hours later it is dry and no more urine smell!!!