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Welcome to BuiltSmart Interactive - BuiltSmart Interactive is a boutique software development studio specialising in web and client server development for business, health and education markets using technologies such as .NET, ColdFusion, ASP, PHP, Visual Basic, SQL Server, Oracle and Microsoft Access

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  • Sean - It Never Existed

    After purchasing it. The website to download the program, it never existed. Clearly not what I had thought it to be.

  • CajunMoon - Loooveee it....

    My 10 year old daughter and I have been rocking this CD everyday since receiving it. All the songs we like and best of all they are kid friendly. It's a nice mixture of several genres.

  • Amazon Customer - Great Value

    I am really surprised at how well the vacuum works for the price! I was a little skeptical because of some of the reviews. I find that if you use a good skimmer net if you have a lot of leaves and then the vacuum, you can have a really clean pool. I first used the vacuum because I had a layer of dead algae covering the bottom of my above-ground pool. I found that the algae was not being filtered out properly by the standard cartridge filter, so I sent the vacuumed water to the drain. It worked great. After I got the pool set up again, I had some fine debris on the bottom and the vacuum worked great as designed. I have not used the skimmer that came with this kit because the mesh looks too large to catch anything but leaves.

  • Doug Johnson - Let the buyer beware . . . .

    Bought this middle of last year as an early Christmas gift for my niece. We FINALLY opened it and tried to use it this past weekend. The machine could not even read the disc. Did all the troubleshooting steps -- reboot, try another disc (no trouble there), wipe the disc (not in a circular manner -- like the manual indicates), nothing worked. The product cannot get damaged sitting in a closet for seven months, so it was either already in such poor condition to begin with or it was damaged during shipping (the package did not appear damaged or I would have investigated then). Anything you receive from this company -- open, inspect and test it immediately.

  • Garret - I, as a 76 year old performer am learning ...

    I, as a 76 year old performer am learning the song and plan to sing it with all of my heart!!! HEART has a way of reaching my heart.

  • merksy65 - great flick

    love this movie, great action, actors and effects, I'd seen the movie some time ago on a rental and had thought about getting it, went to a big box store to get out of the bargain bin, the employee said they had 3 copies in the bin some place and i had to dig for them, an hours later ... nothing, went home and ordered it from Amazon, got the movie a day early, even though it was sent via Fedex i got if from USPS, which worked for me.