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  • Samuel-Louis Bandy, Jr. - Exciting reading on a rainy or cold night.

    Okay, it really is a bit boring, but I enjoy how Lasser puts out examples to help the reader to better understand the tax code areas and to show how to calculate the items. I also enjoy how Lasser puts out sample forms in the book so that the reader may follow along with the text, line by line on the form, and how he also explains when one can implement various tax breaks and when one may not. It is technical, but written to be understood by a non-accounting person of average intelligence. Great book.

  • Julialynn psychic - Pricey but works

    this is an excellent lice ridder. Once I applied it and covered my daughters head with the shower cap, I saw the lice jumping out and onto the shower cap. It smells strong so I guess the lice don't like it. I followed this up with the mayonnaise application to get rid of remaining nits with the nit comb and she is now lice and nit free. Don't forget the mayonnaise. Apply liberally the night after the TLC shampoo and cover the head with a shower cap. The Mayo kills any remaing nits and gets them out of the hair shaft.

  • melray65 - Good product. Made well and easy to clean

    Good product. Made well and easy to clean. Makeup goes on light and does a good job at coverage. I don't use it daily but usually just once a week when I have time. I'm not fast at applying the makeup or cleaning the the airbrush so I do not use this for a quick makeup session. Took me several tries to get the distance from my face. The makeup it comes with is just OKAY. I haven't tried any other brands but one of my makeup container lids will not close due to poor design. I plan to research and buy a different brand of makeup to use with this airbrush.

  • larflorida - 30 year old tub & tile look like new!

    I purchased this product for the bathtub & surrounding tile for an older investment property-the bathroom tub & tile would not come clean no matter what kind of cleaning product I used. Tub & tile had mold, mildew, caulk coming out-a complete mess. Got several quotes from the "1 day bathroom renovation" companies & they were all between $3500 & $6000.00! Did not want to spend that kind of money. Did research on google, found Rust-Oleum kit & read the reviews. Hired a professional handyman company to do the refinishing because I don't have any kind of a sander & I know this is an important step. Now, the bathtub & tile look 100% brand new-the finish is gorgeous! Professionals advised me to use only Scrubbing Bubbles cleanser-they warned that anything abrasive or any product containing bleach were an absolute no go if I want the finish to last. Completed project was around $600. including 2 Rust-Oleum kits purchased from Amazon. The kits were far less expensive than the cost at a large national "builder supply" store. The whole project took 2 l/2 days to complete (dry time between coats is critical.) I'm thrilled with the results-if it lasts a few years, I'll be happy! If it needs to be reapplied again, I will use Rust-Oleum & have it professionally done & still be way ahead financially. Handyman company said they would recommend this product to future clients-truly a 5 star...just hope it lasts-no crystal ball on this aspect of the product.