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  • M. Hayes - Wait before you upgrade..Beta version at best

    I've been a Quicken for about the last 20 years, upgrading about every other year. I switched to the Rental Property Manager version about two years ago. I must say that this is absolutely the worst Quicken upgrade experience I have had to date (and I've had plenty of bad ones, but none so bad to compel me to post a review). I upgraded to 2013 about two weeks ago and I am still trying to fix all of the problems it has created with my 20 years of transactions. Here are some of the issues: I now have accounts that were long closed now showing balances, there were dozens of trasctions that had been previously reconciled that became unreconciled (Quicken just released a upgrade today for this problem), my current checking account which was reconciled and balanced before the upgrade is now off by over $5,000 in transactions that I have no idea where to start looking back through my paper statements that fortunately I have on-hand.

  • Meyer - ... the last 6 years and does the job as good or better than the expensive razors

    Much cheaper than the expensive vibrating razors I've been using the last 6 years and does the job as good or better than the expensive razors. Also, these razors can last for 8-10 shaves before getting too dull and causing in-grown hairs where the expensive razors need replaced after only 5 shaves. I've been recommending these to friends.