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Breast Cancer Awareness | To raise Breast Cancer Awareness - Breast Cancer Awareness, To raise awareness around breast cancer. Supporters hope that greater knowledge will lead to earlier detection of breast cancer and a higher survival rate.

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  • Dutch - Buyer Beware

    I have used Versacheck software for printing my own checks for many years and have been very happy with the programs ease of use and good customer service from the company. I recently bought a new computer and decided to upgrade my software from Gold 2008 to Versacheck Silver 2012. The information on the box and in the printed information said several places that checks can now be printed using any 24 lb paper. What they did not disclose is that to use any paper you must buy validation codes from Versacheck at $9.99 for $250 checks or you must buy paper from Versacheck, which is also expensive. I also found, after installing the software, that I had to have my checking account validated to be able to use the software. There was no way to know about these features without opening the package, making it not returnable for a full refund. I contacted Versacheck customer service, which became unpleasant, and they refused to allow me to return the product since I had not purchased it directly from them. I feel the information about having to validate your checking account and purchase validation codes to use other brands of check paper or plain paper should be disclosed in printed information and on the package so that customers will be aware before purchasing or opening the package.

  • Movie lover - Amateurish work

    The scenery at the beginning was beautiful, but the movie went downhill from there. I liked Cliff de Young in the Love series and expected that this movie would be wonderful because he was in it. The acting was bad. The dialogue was amateurish and stupid, often with contradictory ideas contained within one sentence, so that even Cliff de Young's acting looked pitiful. I laughed out loud when one actress said that the president was evacuating the entire west coast, the earth's rotation had slowed, causing catastrophes all over the world and the end of the world, but her father wanted her to go north to Oklahoma where she would be safe. There was also a statement that European Christians had been in Mexico long before Christopher Columbus. After watching the first half of the movie, I turned it off. It was worse than an old 1950s B grade.

  • Martin hunter - Looks great, easy to install

    Installed within minutes. Used it to transport luggage to the beach 450 miles away, worked great! they look good and I am satisfied with the quality. They were about half of what Toyota is charging for theirs.