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  • Marcus V - My favorite part of it is the MasterBrain PM

    Ordered MasterBrain 2 weeks ago and there is definitely something behind this product. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was I didn't initially feel the difference until day 3-4. Once I hit those days however, it was a game changer. Being on the west coast I have early morning meetings and taking this before heading in has definitely helped my focus throughout those meetings, and the day. Hard to explain in details the exact feeling, but I felt sharper and more attentive to everything going on around me. I feel my productivity as well has improved.

  • Online Shopper 1st - Used regularly

    My husband really believes in this product. We have used it regularly since the last time we had our septic system cleaned. The man who cleaned the system recommended it. According to my husband who had been buying this product locally, Amazon's price was very good.

  • Ron Albano - KastKing for the Win

    After buying the KastKing WhiteMax and being happy with it. I had to get more so I bought the Spartacus. The 6:3.1 gear ratio makes this my all purpose reel (Jigging and Cranking). The Dual Braking system is perfect and prevents backlashes. Well I have to say if you use your thumb you shouldn't have any issues. If you're getting into using baitcasts then this is perfect.

  • A. Wapcaplet - Much too big. When they should a World Vision ...

    Much too big. When they show a World Vision commercial, the flies on the children's faces are the size of chihuahuas.

  • Jay Mey - Fantastic plant based ingredients!

    I really enjoyed the plant fusion taste and texture. The product is reasonably priced. I just started the vegetarian lifestyle about a year ago, and I am really pleased with the plant based ingredients. I mix the powder with almond or cashew milk in the blender, and add blueberries, avocado, banana, fresh spinach and milled flax/chia seeds. It gives me a very satisfied fullness that lasts about 4 hours. I usually make a double batch so I have some for the next morning and only have to clean the blender once. :).

  • Scott Fortune - Try this!

    First magazine I've downloaded to kindle. Photos are Sharp and pages turn in simulation of a print copy. Excellent

  • April McDanel - Worked for me but you have work to do, too.

    Worked for me but I am a light user, detoxed/refrained for a month, and used this in conjunction with the Mancujo Method the morning of my test. The combination worked because I got the job!